DPP HIV 1/2 Assay Kit: Rapid & Accurate HIV Antibody Detection

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Product: Get quick, precise HIV antibody detection with the DPP HIV 1/2 Assay Kit. This reliable, user-friendly kit comes complete with:

  • Format: Cassette, housing 20 tests
  • Sensitivity: Remarkably high detection rates of 100% (serum/plasma), 99.1% (oral fluid)
  • Specificity: Significantly less false outcomes due to 99.9% (serum/plasma), 100% (oral fluid) precision
  • Reading Time: Fast results from 10-25 minutes for blood, and 25-40 minutes for oral samples
  • Storage: Can be safely kept between 2 to 30°C. Avoid humidity, direct sunlight and freezing conditions
  • Weight and Volume: Compact and easy-to-store at 0.68 Kg weight and 3.62 dm³ volume

Biosafety precautions are necessary while using this product. Disposable gloves are strongly recommended.

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DPP HIV 1/2 Assay Kit: Accurate, Rapid, and Comprehensive HIV Antibody Detection

The DPP HIV 1/2 Assay Kit is a state-of-the-art, single-use diagnostic tool designed to swiftly and accurately detect the presence of antibodies to Human Immunodeficiency Virus Types 1 and 2 (HIV 1/2). With flexibility at its core, this kit can analyze a variety of sample types, including oral fluid, finger stick whole blood, venous whole blood, serum, and plasma.

Key Features:

  • Employs immuno-chromatographic technology ensuring reliable results.
  • Cassette format design allows easy handling and operation.
  • Accommodates a wide range of sample types for versatile use.
  • Efficient antibody detection with just a 10u00b5L sample volume.
  • High sensitivity and specificity rates for both serum/plasma and oral fluid.
  • Fast results for efficient diagnostics: 10-25 minutes for blood, 25-40 minutes for oral fluid.
  • Kit includes individual test devices, oral fluid swabs, disposable sample loops, DPP HIV SampleTaineru00ae, DPP HIV Running Buffer, and an elaborate Instructions for Use (IFU) guide.
  • Optimal storage for the kit is between 2 to 30u00b0C, away from humidity and direct sunlight. The kit should not be frozen to maintain its accuracy.
  • Shelf life of up to 24 months from the manufacture date.
  • Comprehensive IFU must be followed for safe usage and reliable results.
  • Standard biosafety precautions should be followed, especially when handling and disposing of potentially infectious material.

Estimated weight: 0.68 Kg
Estimated volume: 3.62 dmu00b3

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