Dp44mT = 98 HPLC 152095-12-0 | Highly Pure Thiosemicarbazone Compound

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Dp44mT = 98 HPLC 152095-12-0 | Highly Pure Thiosemicarbazone Compound

  • Dp44mT (2-(Di-2-pyridinylmethylene)-N,N-dimethyl-hydrazinecarbothioamide)
  • >= 98% HPLC
  • Cell-permeable iron chelator and top2a activity inhibitor
  • Featured product for Apoptosis research
  • Ideal for cell signaling studies
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Dp44mT = 98 HPLC 152095-12-0 | Highly Pure Thiosemicarbazone Compound

Dp44mT is a highly pure compound with a minimum assay of 98% HPLC. Its chemical name is 2-(Di-2-pyridinylmethylene)-N,N-dimethyl-hydrazinecarbothioamide. This compound belongs to the family of thiosemicarbazones and is specifically classified as a ketonic thiosemicarbazone. It is commonly used in various cell signaling studies.


  • Cell-permeable iron chelator: Dp44mT has the ability to bind to and chelate iron ions. It can penetrate cell membranes, making it suitable for research involving iron homeostasis and its implications in cellular processes.
  • Top2a activity inhibitor: Dp44mT has been observed to inhibit the activity of topoisomerase 2-alpha (Top2a), an enzyme involved in DNA replication and repair. By inhibiting Top2a, Dp44mT can affect cell division and potentially induce apoptosis.

Composition and Structure:

The chemical formula of Dp44mT is C18H18N6S. It has a molecular weight of 354.44 g/mol. The compound consists of several functional groups, including pyridine rings and a hydrazinecarbothioamide moiety. The structural arrangement of Dp44mT allows for its unique interactions with target molecules in biological systems.

Dp44mT is also known as Di-2-pyridylketone-4,4-dimethyl-3-thiosemicarbazone. Its CAS number is 152095-12-0, serving as a unique identifier in scientific literature and databases.

The high HPLC purity of Dp44mT ensures consistent and accurate results, minimizing experimental variability. Its purity is confirmed through high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis, a widely accepted technique for assessing the quality of organic compounds.

As an iron chelator and Top2a activity inhibitor, Dp44mT offers researchers a valuable tool to investigate various cellular processes and signaling pathways. Its cell-permeability and targeted actions provide insights into the role of iron and Top2a in cell physiology, offering potential applications in the field of cancer research and drug development.

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