Highly Accurate Handheld Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Detector - Reliable Fetal Monitoring Solution

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Handheld Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Detector: A versatile tool for effective fetal monitoring. Utilized by healthcare professionals for superior accuracy and reliability.

  • Elevated Efficiency: Offers vital visual and audio feedback to understand fetal health.
  • User-Orientated: Designed for easy use, delivering swift and precise fetal heart rate readings.
  • Medical Confidence: Commended by healthcare field for amplified patient care and credibility in fetal health monitoring.

Optimize your healthcare approach with our Handheld Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Detector, reaffirming confidence in the domain of fetal monitoring.

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Handheld Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Detector: Experience Unparalleled Fetal Monitoring Accuracy

Introducing our Handheld Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Detector—a landmark in healthcare diagnostic technology, dedicated to monitoring fetal heart rates with precision and reliability. This cutting-edge device provides an essential lifeline between caregivers and expectant mothers throughout pregnancy, delivering peace of mind that the unborn baby's well-being is continually monitored.

Superior Design and Features

  • An ultra-precise fetal heart rate detection ranging between 50 and 210 beats per minute—catering to all stages of pregnancy.
  • A state-of-the-art 2 MHz frequency probe connected via a cable for perfect clarity in fetal heart rate readings.
  • Lightweight design under 0.45 kg, exceptionally convenient for healthcare practitioners to utilize.
  • Features a built-in speaker and clear LCD screen, providing dual audible and visual assurance of the heart rate.
  • Engineered to deliver a powerful battery life that provides 10 continuous hours of monitoring, ensuring multiple sessions can be handled without battery-life concerns.
  • Comes with essential accessories including ultrasound gel, batteries, and a carrying bag for immediate use, further enhancing device operability and portability.

Premium and High-standard Product

  • Designed with interchangeable probes to meet diverse monitoring requirements, the device accommodates all stages of pregnancy.
  • With an impressive durability and estimated lifespan of 7 years, the device promises lasting performance.
  • A two-year warranty from the shipping date provides an added layer of security.
  • Complies with stern manufacturing regulations, having been crafted by an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer.
  • Classified under EU MDR 2017/745 as a Class IIa device, verifying stringent regulatory compliance.


Our Handheld Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Detector is an invaluable healthcare tool. With its portability, ease of use, and highly accurate readings, it affords healthcare professionals the highest standard in fetal heart rate monitoring.

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