High-Quality 3ml Luer Lock Needleless Disposable Syringe - Precise & Safe

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High-Quality 3ml Luer Lock Needleless Disposable Syringe:

  • Accurate Delivery: Ideal for 3ml volume dosages, ensuring exact administration.
  • Superior Luer Lock: Provides secure connectivity with advanced leak-resistant technology.
  • Enhanced Safety: Needle-free construction reduces potential needle stick injuries.
  • Precision Measure: Readable markings assist in preventing dosage errors.
  • Optimal Hygiene: Individually packaged syringes in sterile blisters maximize safety.

Suitable for diverse uses in both human and animal health care, including drug administration and blood collection.

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Premium 3ml Luer Lock Needleless Disposable Syringe - Unmatched Precision and Safety for Healthcare Needs

Experience precision, safety, and efficiency with our top-tier 3ml Luer Lock Needleless Disposable Syringe. Manufactured adhering to top-notch healthcare standards, this syringe guarantees unmatchable stability and efficacy.

Constructed with premium medical-grade materials, its smooth operational ability makes it perfect for precise medicine dispensing. Its distinguished markings and impeccable plunger mechanism assure accuracy in dosage, thus eliminating any potential errors.

Product Features:

  • 3ml Capacity: Specially crafted to provide accurate dosage administration.
  • Luer Lock Connection: Ensures a consistent, leak-proof connection with other devices.
  • Needle-Free Design: Helps in reducing needle-stick injuries and bio-hazardous waste.
  • Precise Markings: Assure error-free dosage measurements and administration.
  • Efficient Plunger Action: Delivers controlled and effortless medication release.
  • Disposable & Sterile Design: Aids in combating cross-contamination and reducing the spread of infections.

Every individual syringe is separately packed in sterile blister packs, each packet distinctly labeled, ensuring effortless identification and usage.

Wide Range of Applications:

  • Medication Administration: Ideal for dispensing oral liquids, subcutaneous and intramuscular injections.
  • Blood Sampling: Secure and convenient to use while drawing blood samples.
  • Veterinary Applications: Perfect tool for delivering precise medication and fluids in veterinary practice.

Choose our high-quality 3ml Luer Lock Needleless Disposable Syringe - the smart and safe solution for healthcare administration and treatments.

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