Type I Disposable Medical Face Mask - Ultimate Comfort & Superior Protection

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TYPE I Disposable Medical Face Mask: Superior Comfort & Maximum Protection

For ultimate protection and superior comfort, choose our TYPE I Disposable Medical Face Mask. The non-woven, skin-friendly fabric ensures breathability and softness. Measuring 17.5×9.5cm, these masks are designed for a universal fit.

  • Three-layer design: Outer spunbond non-woven layer, intermediate melt-blown filter, and inner soft-padded fabric for comfort.
  • Adjustability: Elastic earloops and nose clip for secure, custom fit.
  • Protection: Effective against dust, droplets, and air pollution.
  • Universality: Suitable for various environments – offices, homes, public spaces, etc.
  • Colors: Available in customizable colors.

Please verify the product and packaging integrity upon receipt.

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Type I Disposable Medical Face Mask: Superior Comfort & Maximum Protection

Experience a blend of advanced hygiene technology and professional craftsmanship. The Type I Disposable Medical Face Mask offers ultimate protection against airborne contaminants while ensuring exceptional comfort and security. Designed to perform in various environments, this mask guarantees effective safety and excellent breathability.

  • Manufactured from a high-quality non-woven fabric, promising superior comfort, softness, and effective breathability.
  • Incorporates a tri-layered design that includes an external spunbond non-woven layer, a critical melt-blown filter intermediate layer, and a padded inner layer for comfortable wear.
  • Utilizes flexible elastic ear loops and an adjustable nose clip to provide a secure fit that caters to all face shapes and sizes.
  • Offers potent protection against dust, droplets, and air pollution, thereby ensuring optimal safety in various environmental settings.
  • A versatile protective companion for diverse settings like offices, homes, salons, grocery stores, and other public places.
  • Designed with practical mask dimensions (17.5x9.5cm) to offer the most expansive coverage possible for your face.
  • Customizable colors are available, catering to diverse aesthetic tastes.

To assure product integrity, each mask is individually packaged and sealed. This method preserves sterility, ensuring you are afforded excellent breathability, unmatched comfort, and, most importantly, ultimate protection. Embrace our blend of high-quality material, professional craftsmanship, and world-class safety with the Type I Disposable Medical Face Mask.

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