Disposable Isolation Gown(Non-sterile) - Advanced Protective Wear for Healthcare Professionals

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This Disposable Isolation Gown (Non-Sterile) offers robust protection for medical personnel in outpatient, wards, and inspection rooms. It’s made from high-quality polypropylene spunbonded PE film non-woven fabric, providing a superior barrier against contaminants.

  • Material: High-end polypropylene spunbonded PE film non-woven fabric. Crafted for superior resistance against pollutants.
  • Design: Convenient hanging structure, easy to wear and offers full protection.
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  • Usage: Perfect for general isolation in hospitals, clinics, or any medical environment.

This gown is individually packaged, with 1000 pieces per carton. Delivery lead time and payment details apply as per norms.

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The Disposable Isolation Gown(Non-sterile) - Superior Protective Garment for Medical Personnel provides advanced safety and protection as a one-time-use protective wear. Precision-engineered for medical professionals working in outpatient clinics, wards, and examination rooms, it serves as a shield by offering an exceptional barrier against contaminants and cross-infections.

Made from robust, high-quality polypropylene spunbonded PE film non-woven fabric, this gown blends durability, comfort, and safety. The material's superior characteristics result in low permeability and enhanced resistance, preventing fluid, bacteria, and virus penetration. Thus, it comes as an ideal choice for regular isolation needs in medical establishments.

  • Manufactured from top-grade polypropylene spunbonded PE film non-woven fabric
  • Features a unique hanging structure that enhances barrier efficiency and provides comprehensive protection
  • A perfect fit for standard isolation demands in hospitals and healthcare facilities

This lightweight gown is designed to be worn over clothing without restricting movement. Its protective features remain intact until disposal, assuring optimal protection throughout a shift. Each gown is individually packaged to uphold hygiene and avoid contamination.

Known for its versatility, this isolation gown is sought after across North America, Central and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, Australasia, and Asia. Trust in the superior protection offered by our non-sterile Disposable Isolation Gown - A testament to safety, comfort, and quality.

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