AAMI Level 3 Disposable Gown - Ultimate Protection for Healthcare Professionals

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AAMI Level 3 Disposable Gown: Exclusively crafted for superior protection of healthcare professionals in various environments. A high standard of safety is assured as it meets AAMI Level 3 criteria. Manufactured from fluid-resistant, non-woven fabric ensuring durability, lightness, and long hours of comfort. Smart design ensures firm fit while enabling easy wear and removal. Each gown is hygienically packed to maintain superb cleanliness. The universal size accommodates different body sizes promoting inclusivity. Extensive application across healthcare settings.

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AAMI Level 3 Disposable Gown - The Ultimate Protection in Health Care Environments

Specifically designed to cater to the demands of healthcare experiences, our AAMI Level 3 Disposable Gown ensures supreme defense against fluid exposure and cross-contamination. Bridging the gap between safety, luxury, and convenience, this gown epitomizes the future of protective clothing.

Superior Protection from Hazardous Exposures

  • Going beyond AAMI Level 3 specifications, the gown offers supreme safeguard from fluid penetration and cross-contamination risks.
  • Constructed with top-notch non-woven fabric, this gown prioritizes your safety while ensuring all-day comfort.

Convenience and Comfort Combined

  • Addressing the busy, demanding regimen of healthcare professionals, the gown simultaneously delivers a comfortable fit while maximizing breathability.
  • The design promotes swift and efficient donning and doffing, minimizing fatigue during prolonged wearing periods.

Universal Solution for Diverse Healthcare Settings

  • The gown's universal fit design makes it suitable for use in a wide array of healthcare settings.
  • The ISO certification and FDA approval endorse optimal patient safety and trustworthy performance.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Premium Non-Woven Fabric
  • Size: Universal Fit
  • Color: Professional Medical Blue
  • Packaging: Each gown is individually wrapped for supreme hygiene. Supplied in packs of 10.

Certified and Approved for Safety and Quality

  • AAMI Level 3 compliance
  • ISO Certified
  • FDA approved

The AAMI Level 3 Disposable Gown is backed by a 30-day warranty, illustrating our commitment to customer satisfaction. Enhance your healthcare environment security with our top-grade disposable gown.

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