AAMI Level 2 Certified Premium Disposable Medical Gown – Supreme Protection & Comfort

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AAMI Level 2 Certified Premium Disposable Medical Gown

  • AAMI Level 2 Certification: Provides robust protection against pathogens as ensured by regulated certificate.
  • Superior Quality: Frame constructed from fluid-resistant fabric, meeting highest standards of safety.
  • Comfort: Designed with breathable and latex-free material for effortless wearability.
  • Universal Size: Enhances usage across different healthcare establishments with adaptable sizing.
  • Single-Use Design: Promotes hygiene with use-and-dispose design.
  • Regulatory Compliant: Fully compliant with industry regulations for optimal safety and quality.

Equip your healthcare providers with comfort and stringent safety. This gown is versatile across health setups, demonstrating its practicality.

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AAMI Level 2 Premium Disposable Medical Gown – Assuring Immense Protection Alongside Unsurpassed Comfort

Designed for those seeking quintessential safety without compromising on comfort, our AAMI Level 2 Certified Premium Disposable Medical Gown stands as a testament to quality, innovation, and superior craftsmanship. Specially engineered to deliver high-level protection against contaminants and fluids in various healthcare settings, this gown is safety and serenity blended in one.


  • AAMI Level 2 Certified: This guarantees increased protection, making it apt for a wide spectrum of healthcare contexts.
  • High Efficiency Liquid Barrier: Enhanced shielding against liquids effectively impedes cross-contamination.
  • Sweat-Free Comfort: The lightweight, breathable fabric ensures optimal aeration whilst offering outstanding protection.
  • Customisable Fit: Tailored with secure tie backs or hook-and-loop fasteners for comprehensive coverage and desired fit.
  • User-Friendly Design: Elaborately designed for straightforward donning and doffing, promoting user convenience.


  • Material: Manufactured with robust, fluid-repelling fabric, forming a stalwart barrier against contaminants.
  • Colour & Size: The universal size, rendered in a universally admired blue hue, complements varied preferences.
  • Packaging: Each gown is individually packed to uphold hygiene standards and prolong the usable life.

Certification You Can Trust

Endorsed with AAMI Level 2 certification, our product delivers safety, comfort, and customer satisfaction without comparison. Further, our responsive customer service is always on stand-by to assist you with any queries or requirements.

Guidelines for Use:

  • Practice proper hand hygiene before wearing and after removing the gown.
  • Examine the gown for any compromisation before use.
  • Adhere to the detailed instructions for gown donning and doffing.
  • After use, discard responsibly, conforming to local regulatory norms.


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