DirectLoad™ Plus 100bp DNA Ladder - High-Quality DNA Ladder for Molecular Biology Applications

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DirectLoad™ Plus 100bp DNA Ladder

  • Size range: 100 base pairs
  • Ideal for: gel electrophoresis
  • Precisely selected DNA fragments for accurate sizing
  • Reliable results with carefully chosen fragments
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DirectLoad™ Plus 100bp DNA Ladder

This high-quality DNA ladder is designed to meet the demanding needs of molecular biology applications. With a size range of 100 base pairs, it is the perfect tool for accurate and reliable analysis in gel electrophoresis and other relevant experiments. The ladder is meticulously composed of carefully selected DNA fragments, ensuring precise sizing and consistent performance, allowing researchers to obtain trustworthy results consistently.

Key Features:

  • Size range: The DirectLoad™ Plus 100bp DNA Ladder offers a meticulously crafted range of DNA fragments spanning 100 base pairs, providing researchers with the perfect tool for accurate sizing and analysis.
  • Ideal for gel electrophoresis: This DNA ladder is specifically designed for gel electrophoresis, making it the ideal choice for researchers in need of a versatile ladder suitable for a variety of applications in the field of molecular biology.
  • Precisely selected DNA fragments: The DNA fragments that make up this ladder are carefully selected to ensure consistent performance and accurate sizing. Each fragment is manufactured with the utmost precision, guaranteeing reliable results every time.
  • Reliable sizing: Researchers can have complete confidence in the accuracy and reliability of their results when using the DirectLoad™ Plus 100bp DNA Ladder. The ladder provides consistent sizing, allowing for precise quantification and comparison of DNA samples.

For more detailed information on the DirectLoad™ Plus 100bp DNA Ladder, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, and other similar products available at the official DPLUS100 website. The comprehensive range of resources provided will assist researchers in gaining a deeper understanding of the ladder and its potential applications in their specific studies.

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