Uterine Hegar Dilators - Reliable Tools for Cervix Dilation

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Uterine Hegar Dilators – Double-Ended, Precise Cervix Dilation Tool

  • Diameter Range: Varying from 3mm to 18mm for versatility
  • Material Quality: Comprised of non-magnetic austenitic, chromium rich stainless steel for durability
  • Design: Double-ended, smooth rounded edges to minimize trauma
  • Package: A set of 16 diverse dilators packaged in a durable canvas roll
  • Usable Volume: Lightweight at 0.600kg, with a compact size of 1.040cdm for convenient transport
  • Usage: User-friendly with enclosed instructions for sanitized, precise usage

Uterine Hegar Dilators are integral tools to Surgical Instrument & Curettage sets, designed for safety and efficiency during cervix dilation procedures. These versatile tools are constructed with premium materials that ensure reliability and efficacy.

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Uterine Hegar Dilators - Your Essential Tool for Safe and Accurate Cervix Dilation

The Uterine Hegar Dilators are designed with ultimate precision and crafted for optimal comfort. These top-notch medical tools are ideal for a myriad of medical procedures to guarantee patient safety.

Remarkable Versatility

Featuring a broad range of sizes, from a minimum of 3-4mm up to a maximum of 17-18mm, our Uterine Hegar Dilators exemplify versatility. These double-ended dilators cater to diverse medical procedures, thus accounting for their popularity among healthcare professionals around the globe.

Premium Material for Maximum Durability

Built with a high-quality mix of 16-18% chromium, 10-14% nickel, 2-3% molybdenum, the non-tempered, non-magnetic austenitic steel structure of our dilators ensures continued durability and flexibility.

Versatile and Streamlined Packaging

The package consists of sixteen individually packed dilators in plastic bags, with eight distinctive pairs. Moreover, each set comes with a handy canvas roll for simplified storage and organization, catering to the bustling environment of healthcare settings.

Perfect Weight and Dimensions for Ease of Use

With an approximate weight of 0.600kg and volume of 1.040 cdm, these Hegar dilators are perfect for effortless transportation and space-saving storage.

Vital Tool for Smooth Medical Procedures

The Uterine Hegar Dilators facilitate the seamless insertion of medical tools through cervix dilation. These dilators advocate for best practice guidelines, forging a path for safe and accurate dilation procedures.

Exceptional Hygiene and Safety

Note that these dilators should be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized after each use to increase their longevity and ward off potential infections.

An Essential Addition to Your Curettage Set

Uterine Hegar Dilators form an integral part of the Surgical Instrument, Curettage Set, providing a holistic range of instrument options for gynecological procedures.

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