Premium 304/316L Liquid Filling Needles | Shenzhen Jing Zhuo Fluid Technology Co

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Premium 304/316L Filling Needles for Liquid Filling from Shenzhen Jing Zhuo Fluid Technology Co.

  • Performance Superiority: Optimize your liquid filling machines with our needles that outperform chrome and glass pumps in hardness, temperature endurance, acid resistance, and surface roughness.
  • Versatile Applications: Trusted globally across pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and chemical sectors.
  • Quality Commitment: Adherence to stringent quality control norms for functional and aesthetic measures.
  • Customer Support: Benefit from our OEM services, technical assistance, and professional repair/replacement service.
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Premium 304/316L Filling Needles for Liquid Filling | Shenzhen Jing Zhuo Fluid Technology Co

Introducing our top-tier liquid filling needles, engineered with precision, from premium-class 304/316L materials. Catering to a vast array of liquid dispensing demands, our product symbolises quality, endurance, and unmatchable performance.

Supreme Craftsmanship for Superior Quality

Built to perfection, our needles have superior micro-volume ceramic fluid filling pumps. We ensure zero porosity and offer hardness levels of 13 on the Vickers scale. Coupled with acid and alkali resistance, our products promise unmatched quality and longevity.

Exceptional Features

  • Enhanced sustainability with a superlative working threshold of 1000°C
  • Highly versatile - suitable for pharmaceutical, food & beverage, cosmetic and other miscellaneous sectors
  • Robust structure assures over a million operational cycles
  • Minimal particle release due to a super smooth surface, improving product life and operation quality

Unparallel Applications

Our filling needles are compatible with various liquid filling machines produced globally. From applications in pharmaceuticals and food & beverage industry to cosmetics and other versatile domains - they cover it all.

Dependable Quality Assurance and Services

Fostering quality and assurance, our rigorous product quality norms and functional testing systems keep product excellence in check. Our customer service, proficient technical support, and professional repair & replacement facilities add value to the customer's experience.

Packaging & Dispatch

Expect tailored packaging per customer's demand, with sturdy wooden cases and foam padding for safe product delivery within 25 working days of placing an order.


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