DHJF-1230 Low-Temperature Stirring Reaction Bath: High Precision & Wide Range

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DHJF-1230 Low-Temperature Stirring Reaction Bath: High Precision and Extended Range

  • High-precision stirring and advanced temperature control from -100°C to -120°C for precise reactions in scientific and laboratory applications
  • Optimal performance with stainless steel construction, low noise and vibration, and an integrated digital display for real-time temperature monitoring
  • Multifaceted usage suitable for chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical research, material testing, food and beverage analysis, and environmental analysis
  • Technical specifications feature a stirring speed range of 100-1500 rpm, a working capacity of 1-10 liters, and a power supply of 220V, 50Hz

Choose the DHJF-1230 low-temperature stirring reaction bath for optimized stirring performance, advanced temperature control, durability and user-friendly interface in your scientific and laboratory applications.

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Unparalleled Precision with DHJF-1230 Low-Temperature Stirring Reaction Bath

Experience the epitome of precision and control with the DHJF-1230 Low-Temperature Stirring Reaction Bath. This equipment features superior construction and leading-edge technology, ideal for scientific and laboratory applications requiring accuracy in low-temperature reactions.

The unit is expertly engineered for a broad operational temperature range of -100u00b0C to -120u00b0C. This flexibility offers a myriad of possibilities for diverse chemical, biological, and pharmaceutical research activities. It empowers scientists to conduct a wide variety of experiments that need extreme low temperatures without any loss of control or precision.

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary low-temperature performance, ensuring remarkable results in stirring reaction scenarios.
  • Wide operational temperature range, from -100u00b0C to -120u00b0C, allowing for diverse experimental conditions.
  • Optimized design that caters to various scientific and laboratory applications.
  • Accuracy and precision controls for better reproducibility and consistency in research.
  • High-grade materials make it exceptionally durable, guaranteeing longevity and reliable performance.

Scientific experiments demand accuracy and precision, both of which the DHJF-1230 Low-Temperature Stirring Reaction Bath offers in spades. It is a gamechanger for research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, chemical facilities, and laboratories aiming to elevate their research outcomes to unprecedented heights.

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