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DF30 Metering Valves – Precision Control for HFA pMDIs

The DF30 Metering Valve, crafted for optimal performance in HFA pMDIs, assures exceptional precision and accurate dosages. This premium, pharmaceutical-grade product is globally manufactured, ensuring steady supply and rigorous quality control.

  • Material: Premium-grade, corrosion-resistant pharmaceutical quality
  • Applications: Ideal for use in asthma, COPD, and allergy relief inhalers, as well as bronchodilators and corticosteroids
  • Precision: Provides superior control over medication flow
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DF30 Metering Valves - Superior Precision for Hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) pMDIs

Efficiently embodying mechanical precision with pharmaceutical grade materials, DF30 Metering Valves offer an unrivaled solution for HFA pressurized metered-dose inhalers (pMDIs). Built to adhere to the highest standards of quality assurance, these valves ensure an unvarying flow rate and precise metered dosage.

  • Enhanced Precision: Uniquely designed for HFA pMDIs' specific needs, the DF30 valves offer accurate dosage control, thereby guaranteeing optimal results.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Materials: DF30 Valves are made from top-quality, pharmaceutical grade materials, ensuring safe and durable usage.
  • Global Utilization: Acknowledged for their quality across varied markets worldwide including North America, Europe, Australasia, Asia, and Africa.
  • Consistent Availability: To better serve our global customer base, we manufacture these valves at multiple locations worldwide, ensuring their consistent availability.
  • Accurate Dose Metering: Designed to deliver a consistent flow rate, these valves ensure accurate and reliable dose metering.
  • Lasting Durability: With rigorous production standards, the DF30 Metering Valves promise prolonged endurance and vigorous usage.

Please note that samples are not provided for this product. We stand behind our product quality and assure our customers of its reliability and durability.

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