High-Capacity Air-Powered Dewatering Pump for Large Resilient Industrial Applications

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Experience unmatched dewatering efficiency with the High-Capacity Air-Powered Dewatering Pump for Large-Scale Industrial Applications. Its prowess in tackling high solids content water and delivering up to 22 cubic meters of water per hour makes it a game-changer in well digging and other tasks.

  • Ideal in large industrial settings with its air-powered operation and dry-run capability.
  • Outstanding performance at a 50m Total Manometric Head (TMH).
  • Resilient build with a two-wheel trolley, 12-hour fuel capacity, and comprehensive accessory kit.

Its versatility and durability make it the optimal dewatering solution for your industrial needs.

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High-Capacity Air-Powered Dewatering Pump for Large-Scale Industrial Applications

Experience an unmatched level of power and efficiency with our High-Capacity Air-Powered Dewatering Pump. Expertly engineered to take on daunting dewatering tasks, this air-powered pump consistently delivers between 11 to 22 cubic meters/hour at a 50m Total Manometric Head. Its stellar performance qualifies it as an exceptional choice for large-scale industrial scenarios.

Smooth Uninterrupted Operation

  • The pump system is driven by a potent air-powered diaphragm, confidently tackling high solid content without compromising operational integrity.
  • Its ingenious self-priming feature bypasses the need for manual startup, enabling non-stop operation.
  • Built to sustain dry running, our Dewatering Pump shines in reliability and durability, promising steadfast performance.

Emphasizing Safety

  • A pressure safety valve is systematically incorporated to augment safety during operation.
  • It employs an invincible air-cooled engine that is directly linked to the unit, guaranteeing efficiency and steadfastness.
  • Our pump is equipped with a muffler to ensure a minimal noise operation.
  • Implementing re-borable liners further increases the service lifespan and reduces maintenance requirements.

Mobility and Convenience

  • Designed on a two-wheeled trolley, the pump promises seamless mobility.
  • It features an extensive fuel tank that comfortably supports up to 12 hours of continuous operation.
  • Built with an oil bath system air filter, the pump guarantees superior filtration for elongated operational periods.

All-Inclusive Package

  • The comprehensive package includes a water non-return valve, 40mm suction and discharge hoses, 90-degree elbows, and couplings for swift connectivity.
  • Detachables like air filters and a handy tool kit are also provided for smooth maintenance.

Versatility in Applications

Purposefully constructed to sump water effectively from large diameter wells, our Dewatering Pump redefines safety and efficiency. Its air-powered mechanism enhances operator safety and provides precision in well yield measurements. With its sturdy design, it offers consistent performance no matter the season.

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