Determine HBsAg 2: Rapid, Reliable & Accurate HBV Infection Detection Kit

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Rapid HBV Infection Detection Kit – Determine HBsAg 2 (20 Tests) enables quick and highly accurate detection of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg). This product uses advanced rapid immunochromatographic assay technology for the utmost efficiency in result determination. It is compatible with various samples, ranging from whole blood, serum, to plasma. The kit provides results within 15 minutes and boasts a notably low invalid rate of 0.12%, assuring dependable results in critical diagnostic settings. This kit contains a total of 20 tests and is excellently suited for clinical settings that prioritize accuracy and speed.

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Rapid Hepatitis B Diagnosis with Determine HBsAg 2 Kit: Accurate, Fast, and Reliable

The imperative to diagnose Hepatitis B as quickly and accurately as possible just got easier, thanks to the Determine HBsAg 2: Rapid HBV Infection Detection Kit. Developed using advanced immunochromatography, this kit accurately detects the presence of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg). With a 100% accuracy rating in identifying HBsAg, early and accurate detection of HBV infection is now achievable, further enabling a timely initiation of treatment and management measures.


  • Utilizes rapid immunochromatographic assay technology for highly efficient diagnosis.
  • Offers 20 tests in a lateral flow cassette format for the multiple testing needs.
  • Accommodates different sample types, including whole blood, serum, and plasma, for maximum flexibility.
  • Only requires a small sample volume of 50µl for minimal patient discomfort.
  • Provides rapid results within 15 minutes for faster interpretation and decision-making.
  • Possesses an incredibly low invalid rate of 0.12% for consistent accuracy and reliability.

What's Included:

  • The kit includes 2 Determine HBsAg 2 test cards, each containing 10 tests.
  • A comprehensive Instructions for Use guide is provided to facilitate a smooth testing process.

Additional Requirements:

  • Chase Buffer is required for testing whole blood samples.
  • For fingerstick assay, a single-use sterile lancet and EDTA capillary tube are required.
  • Additional necessary equipment includes a new pair of disposable gloves, a timer, a micropipette capable of delivering 50µl, and alcohol swabs.

Storage & Transportation:

The Determine HBsAg 2 kit is designed for easy storage and transportation. It should be stored in conditions ranging from 2 - 30°C and protected from humidity and direct sunlight. Lightweight and compact, the entire kit weighs only an estimated 0.072kg and has a volume of 0.00036m³, making transportation hassle-free.

Packaging & Shelf Life:

The kit's primary packaging includes all the necessary items for 20 tests, while the secondary packaging contains one kits of the same. Boasting a generous shelf life of 18 months from the manufacturing date, the Determine HBsAg 2 kit offers a reliable and long-lasting solution to your HBV testing needs.

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