Deoxynucleotide Mix 10 mM (Molecular Biology Reagent) - High-quality DNA Amplification

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  • Concentration: 10 mM
  • High-quality molecular biology reagent for reliable results
  • Used in DNA amplification by PCR for efficient amplification
  • Organic molecules serving as nucleic acid monomers for building DNA and RNA
  • Suitable for various applications in molecular biology research
  • Facilitates accurate synthesis of DNA strands
  • Provides precise measurement for consistent performance
  • Ensures reproducible results in molecular biology experiments
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The Deoxynucleotide Mix 10 mM (Molecular Biology Reagent) is a high-quality DNA amplification tool designed to meet the demanding requirements of molecular biology research. This ready-to-use mix consists of nucleotides, the organic molecules serving as the building blocks of nucleic acids like DNA and RNA. With a concentration of 10 mM, the Deoxynucleotide Mix (D7295) guarantees reliable and reproducible results to contribute to the success of your experiments.

Key Features:

  • Concentration: 10 mM - The Deoxynucleotide Mix 10 mM contains a balanced mixture of dATP, dCTP, dGTP, and dTTP, providing a convenient concentration for efficient DNA amplification.
  • High-quality Molecular Biology Reagent: Manufactured using stringent quality control processes, this Deoxynucleotide Mix ensures a high level of purity and consistency. It has been specifically developed to provide reliable and reproducible results for DNA amplification by PCR.
  • Used in DNA Amplification by PCR: Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), a widely used technique in molecular biology research, relies on the Deoxynucleotide Mix 10 mM as an essential component. It supplies the necessary nucleotides required for DNA synthesis during the amplification of specific regions of DNA.
  • Organic Molecules Serving as Nucleic Acid Monomers: Nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA and RNA, are present in a balanced mixture within the Deoxynucleotide Mix 10 mM. This composition ensures optimal performance and is suitable for various molecular biology applications.
  • Suitable for Various Applications in Molecular Biology Research: The Deoxynucleotide Mix 10 mM is a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of molecular biology applications, including PCR, DNA sequencing, and gene expression analysis. It is compatible with various PCR enzymes and can be easily incorporated into existing protocols.

Whether performing basic research, diagnostic testing, or drug discovery, the Deoxynucleotide Mix 10 mM (Molecular Biology Reagent) offers exceptional performance for your molecular biology experiments. Its high-quality formulation and proven reliability make it an ideal choice for researchers committed to achieving consistent and reproducible results.

To ensure the integrity of your experimental results while using the Deoxynucleotide Mix 10 mM, it is important to follow good laboratory practices:

  • Store the Deoxynucleotide Mix at -20°C to maintain its stability and prolong its shelf life.
  • Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles to prevent degradation of the nucleotide quality.
  • Use proper aseptic techniques to minimize the risk of contamination and maintain the integrity of your PCR reactions.
  • Follow the recommended protocols and optimize reaction conditions to achieve the best results with the Deoxynucleotide Mix.

With its convenient concentration of 10 mM, the Deoxynucleotide Mix eliminates the need for time-consuming dilutions and calculations. It is ready to use, saving you valuable time and ensuring accurate and consistent results in your PCR experiments.

Order your Deoxynucleotide Mix 10 mM (Molecular Biology Reagent) today and experience the benefits of this high-quality product. Accelerate your molecular biology research and achieve reliable and reproducible results with confidence.

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