DENV Detect NS1 ELISA/96 Kit - Pioneer in Rapid and Early Detection of Dengue Virus

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The DENV Detect NS1 ELISA/96 is an innovative early detection kit for Dengue Virus. Utilizing a sophisticated Enzyme Immunoassay, it facilitates accurate detection of NS1 antigen, thus ensuring reliable early diagnosis. The kit demonstrates remarkable sensitivity (>85%), outstanding specificity (>97%), and produces results within approximately 2 hours. Contents include 96 microtitre plates, Dengue NS1 controls, diluents, washing buffer, TMB substrate, and Stop solution. For optimal functioning, store between 2-8u00b0C. Adherence to the kit’s instructions is critical for ensuring accurate results.

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Introducing the DENV Detect NS1 ELISA/96 Kit, an innovative product that revolutionizes early Dengue virus detection. This kit plays an essential role in global health crises and disease control, making it a powerful tool for diagnostic laboratories, research institutions, and healthcare facilities. The Kit operates on the Enzyme Immunoassay technology, focusing on the identification of Dengue's NS1 antigen during the infection's early stages. Its accurate results bypass the wait for IgM and IgG antibodies and ensure prompt medical intervention.

  • High Advanced Design: The kit's design format employs a 96-test microtitre plate, which promotes the facilitation of large-scale testing operations.
  • Versatile Application: Although the kit is typically purposed for serum samples, it transcends diagnostic boundaries, proving effective in a myriad of diagnostic environments.
  • Reliable Accuracy: With high sensitivity (>85%) and specificity (>97%), the kit substantially minimizes the chances of false negatives and positives, thus guaranteeing utmost confidence in the diagnostic outcomes.
  • Fast Results: The kit has been designed for rapid diagnosis, churning out reliable results within just two hours.
  • Comprehensive Package: The kit is fully equipped with all needed components, including enzyme-conjugated and color-developer reagents, negative and positive controls, alongside a comprehensive instruction manual.
  • Optimum Storage Conditions: To ensure the kit's continued efficiency, it should be stored in cool (2-8u00b0C) dry places, shielded from humidity and sunlight.
  • Additional Equipment: The kit's usage requires supplementary standard lab equipment and supplies, not included in the original package.
  • Practical User Guide: Every kit comes with helpful use tips and guidance to ease users into the testing process and to prevent any potential mistakes.
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