Dengue NS1 Detect RDT Strip Kit: Swift Dengue Diagnosis Solution

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The Dengue NS1 Detect RDT Strip Kit offers a precise and quick detection of Dengue virus infection. Powered by top-tier Rapid immunochromatographic assay technology, this kit delivers accurate results in a minimal span of 30 minutes. The kit comes with 25 test strips individually packaged with desiccants for enhanced shelf life. These tests do not require any freezing reagents. The kit also includes the crucial Chase buffer type A reagent. Recommended usage environment is a laboratory, and wearing protective gear such as gloves, swabs, and glasses is advised for safety and accuracy.

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Dengue NS1 Detect RDT Strip Kit: A Breakthrough Solution for Speedy Dengue Diagnosis

The Dengue NS1 Detect RDT Strip Kit marks a global innovation in the prompt detection of early stage Dengue infection. The distinguishing usage of extremely refined immunochromatographic processes aids the discovery of non-structural protein 1 (NS1) in human serum, preceding the emergence of IgM or IgG antibodies. The robust Dengue NS1 Detect RDT Strip Kit ensures an immediate and accurate diagnosis of Dengue is within grasp, revolutionizing the landscape of Dengue identification and management.

Revolutionary Features:

  • Leading-edge Rapid Immunochromatographic Assay Technology: The Dengue NS1 Detect RDT Strip Kit utilizes trailblazing technology for expedited, decisive results.
  • User-friendly Lateral Flow Strips: The kit incorporates 25 hassle-free lateral flow strips, introducing a straightforward and user-centric testing procedure.
  • Accurate Serum Sample Testing: Needing a sample volume of only 50u00b5l, the kit guarantees dependable and validated test results.
  • Exceptional Sensitivity and Specificity: Offering sensitivity and specificity rates over 75% and 95% respectively, the Dengue NS1 Detect RDT Strip Kit assures trusted results for unambiguous diagnosis.
  • Swift Results Delivery: Provides results in a short span of approximately 30 minutes, enabling swift commencement of Dengue treatment and case management.

Kit Constituents:

  • Chase Buffer Type A (6ml): A crucial addition to validate ideal test performance.
  • Dengue NS1 Detect RDT Strip: A key component of each kit, the strip is sealed individually with a desiccant, ensuring prolonged shelf life.

The Dengue NS1 Detect RDT Strip Kit is optimal for competent laboratory settings, reinforced with a robust infrastructure for secure serum sample management. The kit retains its effectiveness for 24 months post-manufacture and should be preserved in ambient conditions (20u00b0C - 30u00b0C), avoiding extended exposure to intense sunlight and moisture. Test procedures must commence only after all kit components have attained room temperature. To ensure accurate reading times of results, a timer is recommended.

A powerful tool in Dengue detection, the Dengue NS1 Detect RDT Strip Kit assures consistent diagnosis and timely intervention in Dengue cases.

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