ZCLY Series - Portable Four-Season Dehumidifiers

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ZCLY Series Portable Four-Season Dehumidifiers

Engineered for year-round comfort, ZCLY Portable Four-Season Dehumidifiers deliver high performance across a range of conditions. With an operational temperature range of 20-32 degrees and optimal relative humidity level of 45%, they ensure optimal climate control.

  • Four operational modes: Offers versatility with General Refrigerating, Rotor Combination Drying and Wet Cooling, Rotor General Drying, and Rotor Drying with Heating options.
  • Advanced features: User-friendly automation with PLC programming, catering to user-specific needs.
  • Construction: Reliable durability achieved through air-cooled copper tubing condensers and direct copper tube evaporator with an aluminum plate.
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ZCLY Series Portable Four-Season Dehumidifiers – Versatile & Reliable

The ZCLY Series are exceptional Portable Four-Season dehumidifiers designed to maintain optimal atmospheric conditions within diverse environments. These units flawlessly process air, achieving target temperature ranges of 20-32 degrees with a relative humidity of less or equal to 45%, making them an ideal choice for quality air control needs.

They can operate efficiently in ambient conditions ranging from -5 to 40 degrees, accommodating environments with a relative humidity of 50-99%. They are hence suitable for a wide range of applications from houses and offices to industrial spaces requiring controlled humidity.

The ZCLY Series dehumidifiers shine in their durability and reliability. The condensers are equipped with air-cooled copper tubing bolstered with aluminum plates which ensures superior performance and longevity. Additionally, the evaporator is fabricated from a direct copper tube paired with an aluminum plate. This results in effective dehumidification and assures sustained service over time.

Versatile Functionality

The ZCLY Series dehumidifiers are equipped with four different operating modes: General Refrigerating, Combination Drying of the Rotor and Wet Cooling, General Drying of the Rotor, and Drying of the Rotor and Heating. This multi-mode setup tailors to diverse dehumidification needs catering to varied atmospheres.

Advanced Controls

These units come with advanced PLC programming, enabling simplified operations. Housed with an intuitive control panel, these dehumidifiers provide user-friendly experience with effective control mechanisms at your fingertips enhancing user convenience and functionality.

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Discover the full potential of air treatment with the ZCLY Series Portable Four-Season Dehumidifiers that stand as epitomes of versatility and reliability.

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