Durable UNICEF Equipment Decals – Ideal for Asset Marking and Security

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Introducing the UNICEF Equipment Decal, Small Size: A Robust Marking Tool. Discover unique features, such as:

  • Enduring Adhesion: Permanent sticky-back ensures lasting application.
  • Dimensionally Versatile: Compact 65x25mm size provides application flexibility.
  • Generous Supply: Each sheet carries 10 decals, amply catering to your marking needs.

Engineered for versatile use, this multipurpose decal is a crucial tool for identifying and marking property across diverse environments.

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Sturdy, Reliable UNICEF Equipment Decals: An Ideal Security Marking Tool

These small-sized UNICEF Equipment Decals are designed to provide a foolproof marking system for identifying and safeguarding UNICEF property. Every single decal stands out with its vibrant cyan-blue background and stark white UNICEF logo, offering an unmissable identification that's easy to spot yet not overwhelming.

The decals are made with high-quality white gloss PVC material that is amazingly durable, able to withstand weather variations, UV radiation, and physical exertion for a tremendous 2-3 years. They maintain their lustre without fading or peeling, courtesy of their robust 0.1mm thickness.

  • Decal Size: 65x25mm. Precisely calculated to provide optimum visibility without appearing too glaring. Perfect for marking belongings across different locations.
  • 10 decals per sheet (2x5 arrangement). Offering great volume for multiple marking requirements.
  • Easy Application. Single-strip, powerful adhesive back sticks firmly onto any clean, smooth surface. Supplemented by a comprehensive instruction guide for close-to-perfect installation.
  • Distinctive Design. Effectively recognizable cyan blue background with prominent white UNICEF logo running across 80% of length. Enhanced durability with firm and easy-to-handle 130g kraft liner.

Security Marking Made Effortless

These decals are an answer to your asset marking and tracking needs, ensuring that your property is readily identifiable and resistant to misplacement or theft. Get your hands on these essential UNICEF Equipment Decals and take a step towards unimpeded organizational efficiency, safety, and security.

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