DBY Electric Diaphragm Pump: Optimal Solution for Industrial Pumping

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DBY Electric Diaphragm Pump – Your Ultimate Solution for Industrial Pumping

Pioneering the market with cutting-edge technology tailored for an array of industries, the DBY Electric Diaphragm Pump surpasses traditional models. This versatile and reliable pump system offers significant features:

  • Exceptional Self-Absorption: Works efficiently up to 3 meters sans irrigation water, tailored for limited water access scenarios.
  • Competent Particle Transportation: Can transport particles and mud up to 10 mm in diameter with ease.
  • Effective Leakage Prevention: Specialized diaphragm efficiently separates media from transmission machinery parts to ensure zero leakage.

Customize according to your needs with an array of diaphragm options, pump flow part materials, and motor choices. Perfect for handling corrosive, toxic, flammable, or volatile liquids. Handles medium temperatures up to 150°C.

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DBY Electric Diaphragm Pump - Unrivaled Efficiency for Industrial Applications

The DBY Electric Diaphragm Pump sets new industry standards, achieving unmatched efficacy in diverse industrial sectors such as petrochemical, ceramics and metallurgy. This revolutionary pump offers a highly efficient low-pressure solution sporting an outlet pressure ≤ 3kgf/cm2, making it an economical alternative to commonplace centrifugal and screw pumps.

Features and Benefits:

  • Outstanding self-absorption capability of up to 3 meters eliminates the need for separate irrigation water, saving on resources and management
  • Adept at transporting abrasive and semi-solid substances, such as mud or particles up to 10mm in diameter, demonstrating exceptional versatility
  • The diaphragm design segregates media from transmission machinery, preventing any leakage and ensuring efficient operation
  • Customizable diaphragm materials including neoprene, Viton, NBR, PTFE and Teflon (F46) meet varied industry-specific requirements
  • The pump flow part can be tailored in several materials, such as cast iron, stainless steel, rubber lining or aluminium, enhancing durability and compatibility
  • Multiple motor options like standard motor, explosion-proof motors, geared motors and electromagnetic speed motor cater to different industry demands

With proven efficacy from towing toxic, flammable or volatile liquids to handling various corrosive acids, alkalis and medium temperatures up to 150°C, the DBY Electric Diaphragm Pump is a powerhouse in the industrial pumping segment. It excels in hot water recovery systems and even serves as an excellent pre-filter for pressure devices. To top it off, the pump's proficiency extends to pumping pickle jam, showcasing its all-rounder capabilities. With such a wide range of applications, this pump is your essential tool for any industrial pumping needs.

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