Plastic Measuring Cylinder Set - Laboratory Essentials with Top-Tier Accuracy and Durability

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Top-Quality Plastic Measuring Cylinder Set – Accurate and Durable Lab Essentials: Ideal for precision-volume metrics in various settings, this set of six 500ml capacity plastic measuring cylinders is a lab must-have. Key features include:

  • Meticulous engineering for high-accuracy liquid measurements
  • Embossed graduations for easy reading
  • Durable, autoclavable plastic with heat resistance up to 121u00b0C
  • Chemical resistance against a wide range of substances
  • Stability-enhancing wide hexagonal base
  • Easy-pour design ensuring minimal spillage

Constructed primarily with polypropylene or equivalent material, these cylinders are crafted to maximize longevity. This product comes in a set of six to meet diverse laboratory needs. Expect top-notch performance in both scientific research and industrial applications.

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Top-Quality Plastic Measuring Cylinder Set – Accurate and Durable Lab Essentials

The Plastic Measuring Cylinder Set is an invaluable tool for accurate laboratory measurements. It is crafted from high-quality polypropylene that ensures durability and rigidity under varied temperatures, making it an ideal choice for laboratory procedures involving heat or corrosive substances. This set of six 500ml cylinders comes with clear embossed graduations for ease of measurement, a broad hexagonal base for stability, and a spout for convenient liquid transfer. Packaged for both efficiency and safety, these cylinders provide long-term reliability for all your laboratory liquid measurement needs.

Exceptional Quality and Durability

Constructed from robust polypropylene, these measuring cylinders offer outstanding chemical resistance and excellent heat tolerance up to 121°C. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and quality, they guarantee longevity and stellar performance in any laboratory environment. To top it off, all cylinders are autoclavable, further enhancing their life span and functionality.

Precision in Measurement

Each measuring cylinder has a maximum capacity of 500ml with vivid embossed graduations starting from 50ml. This feature provides precise measurement accuracy and consistency, reducing the chances of errors during crucial procedures. The crystal clear demarcations make readings a breeze in busy laboratory settings.

User-Friendly Design

The spouted design allows for seamless and spill-free liquid transfers, while the broad hexagonal base provides robust stability during use. With these user-focused design features, our plastic measuring cylinders ensure efficiency and ease-of-use, minimizing accidental spills and mishaps.

Packaging and Specifications

The package includes a set of six (6) measuring cylinders, each having a capacity of 500 ml. Our cylinders are lightweight with an estimated per-piece weight of 0.8 kg and volume of 0.013 m3, making them easy to handle and store.

The Plastic Measuring Cylinder Set – Your lab's trusted companion for accurate, reliable, and seamless liquid measurements.

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