Plastic Measuring Cylinder, 100ml, Set of 6 - Accurate and Durable Liquid Measurement Tool

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Enhance your precise liquid measurements with the Plastic Measuring Cylinder, 100ml, Set of 6. Carefully designed for diverse environments including laboratories, academic and industrial settings:

  • Durable autoclavable plastic enduring up to 121C temperatures.
  • User-friendly smoothly designed spout for effortless pouring.
  • Accuracy oriented with 100ml capacity and prominent graduations from 10ml.
  • Stable measurements ensured by the hexagonal base.

Available in packs of six for maximum utility and convenience, this tool assures precise volume measurement in every use.

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Experience precision like never before with the Plastic Measuring Cylinder, 100ml, Set of 6. These well-crafted measuring cylinders are a handy addition to your laboratory equipment or educational toolkit. Made with robust, autoclavable plastic, they promise durability and accuracy in measuring various liquid volumes.

The high-quality construction of these measuring cylinders offers enduring use, making them a worthwhile addition to laboratories and classrooms alike. They are designed to resist harsh chemical interactions and withstand temperatures up to 121°C, ensuring versatility and longevity.

  • Constructed with autoclavable plastic capable of enduring temperatures up to 121°C, assuring longevity.
  • Features a convenient spout designed for easy, spill-free pouring.
  • Designed with a graduated cylinder up to 100ml for accurate liquid measurements.
  • The cylinders are fabricated from polypropylene material for high chemical resistance.
  • A wide hexagonal base offers stability, minimizing accidental tipping and spillage.

These plastic measuring cylinders, with a capacity of 100ml each, are designed with user convenience in mind. The visible embossed graduations, starting at 10ml, ensure straightforward quantity measurement. A convenient pouring spout and a wide hexagonal base enhance stability, making your measuring tasks easier and tidier.

The set includes six identical, compact cylinders encased in primary packaging, ensuring easy storage and organization. With an estimated weight of 0.6kg and volume of 0.011m3, these cylinders offer excellent value for money, balancing quality and affordability.

Upgrade your liquid measurement tools with the Plastic Measuring Cylinder, 100ml, Set of 6, and experience seamless precision at your fingertips.

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