Premium Plastic Measuring Cylinder: Elevate Your Lab Experience | Precision Guaranteed

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Presenting our high-quality Premium Plastic Measuring Cylinder for exact volume measurement in laboratories. Attributes:

  • Constructed with Durable Polypropylene ensuring excellent chemical resistance with heat stability up to 121C.
  • Large 1000 ml Capacity with clearly marked graduations for precise measurements.
  • Designed with an efficient Spout for convenient pouring and a Steady Hexagonal Base for stability.
  • Available as a Set of 6 cylinders.

This measuring instrument is an essential asset in diverse scientific applications, including chemical analysis, pharmaceutical research, biological experiments, and quality control tasks. Handle with care to ensure product longevity.

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Premium Plastic Measuring Cylinder: Your Dependable Partner for Accurate Laboratory Measurements

Crafted for perfect precision and exceptional sturdiness, our Premium Plastic Measuring Cylinder promises immaculate results with every use. This cutting-edge tool embodies the unique merger of sophistication, versatility, and resilience, making it an invaluable asset in any demanding laboratory environment.

Constructed from chemical-resistant and autoclavable polypropylene, the cylinder's remarkable heat tolerance of up to 121°C makes it ideal for varied heat-centric situations. The sleek design features an intuitive spout, ensuring smooth and effortless pouring, minimizing the risk of spills, and promoting a tidy, efficient workspace.

Key Features

  • Boasts 1000ml capacity, rendering itself suitable for extensive volume measurement tasks. The vivid, embossed graduations start from 100 ml, providing reliable readings.
  • A broad hexagonal base grants heightened stability, reducing the risk of accidental toppling while in operation.
  • Constructed with durable plastic, this cylinder maintains its integrity even in the face of extreme temperature and intense laboratory use.
  • The smoothly designed spout promotes error-free pouring, enhancing user convenience.
  • Its autoclavable nature permits easy sterilization, fostering a safe and hygienic laboratory atmosphere.
  • Available in a pack of 6, these cylinders accentuate the functional prowess of any laboratory setup.

Invest in our Premium Plastic Measuring Cylinder to boost the efficacy and caliber of your lab experience. Engineered for cutting-edge research environments, this tool promotes precise, rapid, and progressive laboratory procedures.


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