Sims Uterine Curette - 8mm Blunt Tip | Superior Medical Tool Crafted from Martensitic Steel

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Sims Uterine Curette – 8mm Blunt Tip | Martensitic Steel Medical Tool

Delivering precision, the Sims Uterine Curette is equipped with an 8mm blunt tip, designed for the safe removal of bodily materials from the uterus. The key material used is Martensitic Steel containing 0.20% Carbon and 13% Chromium, presenting a balance of durability and longevity.

  • Product: Uterine Curette, specifically designed for reliability in medical procedures.
  • Primary Material: Promising long lifespan via Martensitic Steel (0.20% Carbon, 13% Chromium).
  • Blade Design: Offering precise removal, its fenestrated oval shape optimizes performance.
  • Dimensions: User-friendly with a shaft length of 26cm and spoon width of 8mm.
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Sims Uterine Curette - 8mm Blunt Tip: Your Medical Ally for Precise Uterine Care

Embrace the epitome of precision and safety with the Sims Uterine Curette - 8mm Blunt Tip. This invaluable medical tool is meticulously engineered to meet and exceed the industry's high-quality standards. Offering a blend of outstanding functionality and patient comfort, our curette is the preferred choice of healthcare professionals around the globe.

  • Product: Sims Uterine Curette with a blunt 8mm tip
  • Material: Durable Martensitic Steel comprising 0.20% Carbon and 13% Chromium for superior longevity
  • Shank Type: Rigid design that promotes stability during complex medical procedures
  • Blade Attributes: Carefully crafted with an oval shape, fenestrated, and a blunt edge to prioritize patient comfort and safety
  • Dimensions: Features a 26cm shaft length and an 8mm spoon width to enhance maneuverability and control

Primarily employed for the removal of retained products of conception or endometrial polyps from the uterus, the Sims Uterine Curette triumphs in its mission of providing unmatched performance without compromising patient safety. Manufactured from robust Martensitic Steel, it delivers a medley of strength, durability, and efficacy.

Dedicated to promoting sanitization and optimal hygiene, the use of our Sims Uterine Curette necessitates thorough cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization post each use. Usage of a steam sterilizer for this purpose would ensure the maintenance of stringent safety levels for both practitioners and patients.

Product Packaging Insights

Your Sims Uterine Curette arrives in a customer-centric packaging solution. Each tool is individually sealed in a clean plastic cover that showcases the manufacturer's details and key product features. Our secondary packaging incorporates a box that accommodates 10 curettes, thereby delivering a compact storage solution.

  • Primary Packaging: Single plastic bag for each curette
  • Secondary Packaging: Box accommodating 10 curettes
  • Product's Weight: Roughly 0.070 kg enabling easy handling
  • Volume: Approximately 0.136 cdm, enhancing storage efficiency

Choose our Sims Uterine Curette for its devoted focus on precision, durability, and superior patient safety. Invest in quality and experience medical excellence like never before.

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