CQB Magnetic Drive Pump - Industrial-Grade, Durable, and Leak-Proof

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The CQB Magnetic Drive Pump is an innovative and effective solution designed for versatile liquid transportation needs across various industries. Its distinct, advanced magnetic drive ensures zero leakage; a feature specifically vital when transporting potentially hazardous chemicals.

  • Leak-Proof Design: Eliminates problems of hazardous chemical leaks.
  • Corrosion-Resistant: Ideal for handling corrosive liquids in chemical, petroleum and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Operational Efficiency: Works well under pressure up to 1.6Mpa and temperatures up to 120u2103. CQB-G model serves in conditions up to 300u2103.
  • Performance: Efficient in transporting liquids with viscosity less than 30 x 10-6m2/s.
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Experience Unmatched Efficiency with the CQB Magnetic Drive Pump

Presenting the groundbreaking CQB Magnetic Drive Pump, an industrial-grade solution tailored for your myriad liquid handling requirements. Incorporating cutting-edge magnetic coupling technology, this pump eliminates any possibility of leakage, ensuring a safe and efficient operation.

Boasting top-tier strength and resilience, our CQB pump is constructed to withstand the harshest conditions, offering you uncompromised durability and unmatched performance. Its robust structure coupled with corrosion-resistant properties sets it apart as a reliable choice for various challenging operational environments.

Employing an innovative, corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump, the CQB Pump delivers enhaced longevity and optimal functionality. Coupled with magnetic coupling for power transmission, leakage has become a concern of the past. Discrepancies in operational safety are efficiently addressed, thereby promising a worry-free handling of your business operations.

  • Makes for an ideal choice for multiple industries, including petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and several others, ensuring superior performance at all times.
  • Designed meticulously to handle flammable, explosive, volatile, toxic, and corrosive liquids safely and efficiently.
  • Compatible with substances having suction pressure of lesser than 0.2Mpa, peak operating pressure of 1.6Mpa and temperature not exceeding 120u2103.
  • Our CQB-G variant is competently designed to withstand higher temperatures up to 300u2103 and functions optimally with viscosity less than 30*10-6m2/s.
  • The CQB Series Magnetic Pumps proudly stand testament to our constant strive for technical superiority and commendable economic functionality, always delivering results that surpass those of similar foreign products.

We dedicate ourselves to offering you top-of-the-line solutions that stand up to your liquid transportation demands, ensuring reliable functionality and infallible safety.

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