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The High Temperature Resilient CQB-B Series Magnetic Pump Jacket Insulation by Shanghai Bai Magnetic Pump Valve Company is meticulously crafted for the safe and efficient fluid transport of hazardous, high-value liquids in several industries. Handling temperatures up to 350°C, it is an ideal choice for challenging environments.

  • Built with robust jacket insulation from superior magnetized materials assures top-notch torque transfer.
  • Features a unique incubator structure, preventing condensation and enabling cooling water flow under extreme heat.
  • Incorporates hydrodynamic lubrication bearings to enhance reliability and elongate pump longevity.
  • Integrated automatic stop device prevents operational damage from a dry run, preserving the pump health.
  • Packed with specifications: inlet diameter 50mm, outlet diameter: 32mm, impeller nominal diameter: 160mm.
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    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

The High Temperature Resilient CQB-B Series Magnetic Pump Jacket Insulation is a top-tier offering in the realm of extreme condition applications. Engineered with an innovative design by the reputable Shanghai Bai Magnetic Pump Valve Company, this advanced pump is an excellent choice for sectors with demanding liquid handling requirements. Industries such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, electroplating, and environmental protection can leverage its innovative design and superior performance.

  • Optimized to efficiently manage a myriad of fluids, including the flammable, explosive, toxic, and valuable ones, this pump comfortably accommodates temperatures reaching 350°C.
  • A major breakthrough in its design is its distinctive jacket insulation made from high-temperature magnetic material, which guarantees optimal magnetic transfer torque while avoiding media crystallization during operation.
  • Incorporating an innovative incubator structure to eliminate condensation, the pump also allows the passage of cooling water when temperatures escalate, assuring the stable running of the motor and magnet.
  • Longevity and reliability are ensured with hydrodynamic lubrication bearings, highlighting an upgrade from traditional concentric bearing magnetic pumps.
  • A built-in automatic stop function fortifies the pump against dry-running, promoting enhanced pump lifespan and practicality.
  • The pump's specific details are delineated in the model number (e.g., CQB50-32-160GB), including inlet diameter, outlet diameter, impeller nominal diameter, high-temperature type, and insulation type.

This robust fusion of features renders the High Temperature Resilient CQB-B Series Magnetic Pump Jacket Insulation highly capable of meeting diverse and challenging application demands, promising superior return on investment for businesses across industries.

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