CQB-B Jacket Insulation Magnetic Pump - Premium Industrial Pump for Extreme Temperatures

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CQB-B Jacket Insulation Magnetic Pump – Specialist Industrial Pump Solutions

Unveil the power and versatility of the CQB-B Jacket Insulation Magnetic Pump, expertly engineered to transport dangerous and expensive liquids like those found in the petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, and environmental protection. Handle fluids at extreme temperatures, up to 350°C

  • Innovative high-temperature magnetic materials deliver unmatched torque.
  • Unique isolation unit significantly reduces eddy current losses.
  • Insulating structure impedes fluid crystallization, enhancing pump longevity.
  • Optional auto-stop function safeguards against dry running.
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CQB-B Jacket Insulation Magnetic Pump: Top-of-the-Line Industrial Pump for High-Temperature Operations

The CQB-B Jacket Insulation Magnetic Pump stands out as a game-changer in the world of high-temperature industrial pumping. Backed by advanced engineering, the pump is designed to work efficiently across numerous sectors like petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and environmental protection. This all-purpose pump safely handles flammable, toxic, explosive, and valuable liquids under temperatures up to 350u00b0C, demonstrating its superiority in challenging industrial scenarios.

The construction of the pump features high-temperature magnetic materials that maximize torque transmission for robust performance under demanding operational conditions. Along with this, a unique isolation unit works dedicatedly to curtail eddy current losses, optimizing energy efficiency and heat management.

The pump houses a revolutionary insulation structure designed to prevent media condensation, important in high-temperature operations. With the addition of an innovative incubator that can be water-cooled, heat management is effective, ensuring the pump's corn motor and magnet's optimal functioning.

The pump's robust construction includes hydrodynamic lubrication bearings, ensuring a longer service life by reducing part replacements. To further enhance longevity, the pump can be equipped with an automatic stop device on request, offering protection against dry runs, thereby safeguarding the pump's smooth operation.

Key Features

  • Built with high-grade high-temperature magnetic materials for resilient torque transmission.
  • State-of-the-art isolation unit design to counteract eddy current losses.
  • Incorporates a novel insulation structure to impede media crystallization.
  • Includes a water-cooled incubator for better heat management.
  • Equipped with hydrodynamic lubrication bearings for longevity and reliability.
  • Optional automatic stop device to guard against dry operations.

Product Model Explanation:

  • CQB - Magnetic Drive Pump
  • 50 - Inlet Diameter (mm)
  • 32 - Outlet Diameter (mm)
  • 160 - Impeller Nominal Diameter (mm)
  • G - High Temperature Type
  • B - Insulation Variant
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