CatIII Type3b M Liquid-Tight Biohazard-Protective Coverall: Ultimate Protection for EVD Units

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CatIII, Type3b, M Liquid-Tight Biohazard-Protective Coverall is specifically designed for EVD patient-isolation contexts with single-use requirements. Enhanced safety features include resealable zipper flap, protective seams, and antistatic treatment to minimize static build-up. The suit, equipped with elasticated attachments, ensures a secure fit and coverage. Easy usage and disposability are supported by comprehensive guidelines. Lightweight, non-latex material and availability in different colors meet safety and user-preference needs.

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Experience Premium Protection with CatIII Type3b M Liquid-Tight Biohazard-Protective Coverall

The CatIII Type3b M Liquid-Tight Biohazard-Protective Coverall is a specialized, high-quality product, meticulously engineered to provide maximum protection against viral penetration in high-risk environments such as EVD patient-isolation units. Crafted for safety, this coverall ensures user's well-being even in the face of significant exposure to infectious substances.

Key Features

  • Made with non-latex, lightweight material, ensuring comfort and superior mobility.
  • Features elasticated hood, cuffs, and ankles for a snug, secure fit.
  • Incorporates thumb loop within sleeves for enhanced arm protection.
  • Re-sealable zipper flap reinforcing the fabric's barrier quality and promoting maximum protection.
  • Stitched-in neck label for straightforward product identification.
  • Available in an array of colors - white, yellow, and orange - to cater to differing institutional needs.
  • Treated for antistatic to lessen sparking risks.
  • Tested comprehensively against infective agents as an additional safety measure.
  • Designed for single-use and disposability to avert potential cross-contamination.

Compliance and Standards

The CatIII Type3b M Liquid-Tight Biohazard-Protective Coverall complies with various standards, including European Directive 89/686/EEC, EN14605:2005 A1:2009, EN 14126:2003. It also adheres to ISO regulations such as EN 340, EN ISO 17491-3, EN 14325, ISO 3758, EN 12941, and EN 31092. This product's compliance demonstrates its reputable quality and dependability within the industry.

Usage Instructions

Intended for single-use in EVD patient-isolation environments, this coverall must be carefully disposed of in a biohazard waste container after use to prevent potential biohazard contamination.


Each CatIII Type3b M Liquid-Tight Biohazard-Protective Coverall is individually sealed in a sanitized plastic bag, marked with crucial product details for user convenience and assurance.

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life

This product should be stored per the manufacturer's directions to achieve its specified shelf life. Preserving the usability and integrity of its high-quality material

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