Medium-Sized CatIII Type 6b Protective Coverall | Ultimate Viral Shield

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Medium-Sized CAT III Type 6b Protective Coverall – Ultimate Viral Shield

  • Meticulous Protection: Proven effectiveness against aerosols and biological hazards, ensuring top-tier safety.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Elastically trimmed hood, cuffs and ankles, suited for medium-built individuals.
  • Secure Sealing: Features a re-sealable flap over the zipper, diminishing infiltration risks.
  • Viral Control: Sanitized fabric tested under rigorous conditions for viral penetration resistance, suitable for isolation settings.
  • Guaranteed Comfort and Safety: Lightweight design made of latex-free material with an anti-static solution to increase wearability and safety.

Enhance your safeguard regime with this medium-sized CAT III Type 6b Protective Coverall, with certified fabric for viral resistance. Designed for utmost comfort with elasticized edges and lightweight, latex-free material. Equipped with an infiltration-resistant zipper with re-sealable flap, conforming to ISO and European standards. Post-use, dispose of responsibly in biohazard waste containers.

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Medium-Sized CatIII Type 6b Protective Coverall: Ultimate Defense Against Viral Threats

Introducing our top-class Medium-Sized CatIII Type 6b Protective Coverall - an ultimate blend of protection and comfort. Designed meticulously for use in challenging environments and engineered to offer superior safety, this coverall is your trustworthy choice in EVD patient-isolation units, offering unmatched control against viral penetration.

Superior Features for Optimal Protection

  • Outstanding resistance to aerosol and spray
  • Guaranteed protection against biohazards
  • Excellent fit with elasticized hood, cuffs, ankles, and sleeves
  • Robust, resealable flap with a zipper for added security
  • Fabric rigorously tested for resistance to viral penetration
  • Lightweight, latex-free material for comfort and safety
  • Antistatic treatment applied to both sides for added safety

Assured Quality and Standards Compliance

Our Protective Coverall satisfies the stringent requirements of European Directive 89/686/EEC, Category III and is certified against EN 14126:2003. It complies with ISO standards including EN 340, EN ISO 17491-4: 2008, EN 14325, EN ISO 3758, and EN ISO 13935-2 - testifying for its reliability and performance.

Intended Usage

This coverall is optimally used in EVD patient-isolation wards, offering advanced prevention and control against viral penetration. Post-use, disposal in a biohazard waste container is advised for best results.

Package Contents

  • A single Protective Coverall
  • User manual for guidance

Convenient Storage and Shelf Life Information

The package provides storage and shelf life information for easy reference. Every product is individually packaged in a clear plastic bag with detailed English labels, ensuring user convenience.

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