Biohazard Protection Coverall CatIII Type 4b XL | Robust Viral Shield

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Biohazard Protection Coverall CatIII Type 4b XL | High-Level Safety Against Viral Penetration

The Coverall Protection CatIII Type 4b XL is an advanced protective outfit engineered to enhance safety for healthcare personnel in EVD isolation spaces. This robust biohazard gear combats potential viral attacks, promoting a secure ambience for staff and patients.

  • Seamless Security: Features like an elasticated hood, cuffs, ankles, and a resealable zipper flap ensure a tight fit and prevent leakage.
  • User Comfort and Convenience: The lightweight, latex-free material allows comfort and flexibility, supplemented by antistatic treatment for enhanced functionality. Its single-use design bolsters hygiene.

Meet ISO 16604:2004 Class 2 and European Directive 89/686/EEC standards. Each coverall is packed in individual clear packaging for easy identification.

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High-Level Biohazard Protection with Coverall CatIII Type 4b XL

The Coverall CatIII Type 4b XL is a premium safety garment specifially crafted for professionals who regularly encounter biohazardous environments. Tested against arduous European and ISO standards, this coverall epitomizes top-grade protection against dangerous viral penetration and infectious diseases spread.

Combining Comfort and Security

Constructed with a lightweight, latex-free material, our coverall is comfortable for long-time wear while ensuring safety with its antistatic treatment on both sides. The highly secure, elasticated hood, cuffs, and ankles minimize exposure risk and enhance user's protection.

Ultimate Design for Maximum Protection

  • Integrated expandable sleeves with elasticated thumb loops and protective seams ensure full hand coverage and provide robust protection.
  • A re-sealable zipper flap guards against potential leakages through seams.
  • A stitched-in neck label specifying the type and performance of the coverall enhances user awareness.

With a Class 2 rating for viral penetration, our Coverall CatIII Type 4b XL offers one of the highest levels of biohazard protection in the industry.

Convenience and Suitability

Ideal for controlling cross-contamination, the design is specifically for single use. Once your task is complete, you can safely dispose of it in a biohazard waste container and destroy it following the WHO's specifications.

Each coverall is individually wrapped in a clear plastic bag for hygiene. The packaging label clearly states the product name, size, type, and performance testing information against various standards for complete transparency.

Standards and Regulations

Our Coverall CatIII Type 4b XL goes beyond the minimum requirements of the EN 14126:2003 and ISO 16604:2004 standards. Upholding the utmost safety and efficiency in mind, our coverall meets all ISO-regulated performance requirements.

Please note that this product is non-sterile. The manufacturing process ensures maximum distribution and access to frontline workers in the fight against infectious diseases.

Storage and Shelf-Life

Store your protective coveralls as per the instructions provided by the supplier to maintain their effectiveness and shelf life.

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