Biohazard Protective Coverall Cat III Type 4B Size M: Best-in-Class Protection & Comfort

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u003cbu003eBiohazard Protective Coverall Cat III Type 4B Size M:u003c/bu003e offers high-level protection and comfort. Key features of this protective attire include:u003c/pu003e

    u003cliu003eu003cbu003eSuperior protectionu003c/bu003e against biohazard particles and viral penetration.u003c/liu003e u003cliu003eConstructed from u003cbu003elightweight, antistatic materialu003c/bu003e offering wearer comfort over extended periods. u003c/liu003e u003cliu003eEnhanced u003cbu003esealabilityu003c/bu003e with elasticated hood, cuffs, ankles, and thumb-looped sleeves. Also features a protective zipper with re-sealable flap.u003c/liu003e u003cliu003eFulfills u003cbu003eEuropean regulationsu003c/bu003e and passes numerous ISO performance tests, underscoring the product’s reliability and quality.u003c/liu003e u003cliu003eIndividually packaged, allowing for safe distribution and use.u003c/liu003e u003c/ulu003e

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The Biohazard Protective Coverall, Category III, Type 4b, Size M serves as a reliable and essential safety gear, ideally suited for front-line workers managing exposure-related risks in numerous sectors. This product aligns with highest European standards, providing a solid defense against viral penetration. Its potential uses could be found in demanding environments such as Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) patient-isolation units.

The coverall's design centers on not merely providing unparalleled protection but also ensuring comfort and mobility for the wearer. Crafted from lightweight, white material, the coveralls come treated with an antistatic layer on both sides, effectively preventing any dust or airborne particulates from adhering to the surface.

  • Conforming to European Directive 89/686/EEC, Category III, Type 4, and EN14605:2005 A1:2009 standards, these coveralls act as a robust barrier against biohazards and infective agents.
  • Passes the EN 14126:2003 infective agent test as per ISO 16604:2004 standards, maintaining at least a 1.75kPa exposure pressure (class 2).
  • The comprehensive coverage provided by elasticated hood, cuffs, ankles, and sleeves, along with specially designed sleeves featuring thumb loops ensures a snug fit.
  • The suit is constructed with protective seams, coupled with a zipper fitted with a re-sealable flap for enhanced safety.
  • This single-use, non-sterile suit can be conveniently disposed of in biohazard waste containers, thereby ensuring maximum safety.

In compliance with various ISO performance requirements, this Biohazard Protective Coverall has passed numerous tests, including but not limited to EN 340, EN ISO 17491-4, EN 14325, EN ISO 3758, EN 12941, and EN 31092 standards.

Each protective coverall is individually packaged in a transparent plastic bag containing detailed product information, guidelines for usage, and storage conditions, all clearly stated in English.

In summary, the Biohazard Protective Coverall, Category III, Type 4b, Size M stands as a robust, effective solution for comprehensive protection in high-risk situations.

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