Biohazard Protective Coverall Size L - Reliable Safety for High-Risk Environments

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Biohazard Protective Coverall Size L – Ultimate Protection for High-Risk Environments

  • Type: Category III, Type 4b, superb for EVD patient-isolation scenarios.
  • Material: Constructed from lightweight, antistatic on both sides, latex-free fabric.
  • Features: Equipped with re-sealable zipper flap, elasticated hems present in hood, cuffs, plus thumb loops in sleeves for perfect fit.
  • Standards: Certified against European Directive 89/686/EEC, EN 14126:2003, EN 340, EN ISO 17491-4 & other safety standards.
  • Packaging: Each protective coverall is individually packed in a transparent bag, offering clear product information.
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Biohazard Protective Coverall Size L - Ultimate Protection for High-Risk Environments

Our Size L Coverall Protection Suit symbolizes a paramount safeguard against highly infectious biohazards, including lethal diseases like Ebola. This premium quality coverall is meticulously engineered to offer unmatched protection and comfort, enabling you to perform at your optimum, even in high-risk environments.

Uncompromised Safety with Comfort

Constructed from lightweight, latex-free material, our protective coverall offers the utmost comfort without altering your safety. The elasticated hood, cuffs, and ankles coupled with an elasticated thumb loop on the sleeves offer secure full-body coverage, diminishing exposure risks.

Practical Design for Effortless Usage

Our protective coverall showcases a practical design equipped with a user-friendly zipper and a re-sealable flap, fostering adaptability in varying conditions. The suit is treated with antistatic properties on both sides to minimize electrical charges that may interfere with medical equipment. Owing to the high-risk environment usage, these suits are recommended for single-use only, ensuring zero contamination.

Unsurpassed Compliance

Our coveralls strictly adhere to the stringent standards of European Directive 89/686/EEC, Category III, Type 4, and EN 14126:2003. Performance requirements as laid down by EN 340, EN ISO 17491-4, EN 14325, EN ISO 3758, EN 12941, and EN 31092 are also undoubtedly met, offering assured safety.

Convenient Disposal and Packaging

Easiest in disposal, all you need to do is place the used coverall in a biohazard waste container. The carefully packed individual coveralls add to the convenience with a transparent bag displaying all necessary product information.

  • Engineered to protect against infectious diseases
  • Latex-free, lightweight, and elasticated for comfort
  • Treated with antistatic properties on both sides
  • Compliant with stringent European standards
  • Single-use, convenient disposal design
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