Cover Glass Slides Box - Essential Microscopy Aid for Labs

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Product: Cover Glass Slides Box – Key Aid for Labs. Description: This clinical-grade box comes with 100 cover glass slides, essential for laboratory, clinical, and hospital microscopy needs.

  • Size: 22x22mm, Thickness: 0.17mm.
  • Material: Clear, non-corrosive clinical-grade glass, free from defects.
  • Use: Ideal for protecting microscopy samples and improving analysis accuracy.
  • Packaging: Slides individually labelled and packed for ease of identification.
  • Weight-Volume: Approximate weight of 0.1kg, volume of 0.0001m3.

NOTE: Microscope or other slides not included in the box.

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About the Product

Introducing the 'Cover Glass Slides Box - Essential for Microscopy Applications - Key Aid for Labs.' This indispensable product is a must-have for all laboratories, research institutes, clinics, and establishments that rely heavily on detailed microscopic investigations. The box includes superior quality, clinical-grade glass slides that enhance the microscopic examination process and ensure a precise and unobstructed view of the samples.

Unmatched Features and Advantages

  • Superior Size and Thickness: Our slides have been designed to measure 22x22mm with a thickness of 0.17mm. This optimal dimension facilitates routine microscopic examinations, delivering reliable and consistent results every time.
  • Exceptional Quality Material: Manufactured from a non-corrosive, colorless glass, our cover slides have minimal distortion and imperfections.
  • Prepared for immediate use: Each slide is meticulously cleaned, washed, and polished to a fine finish; removing the need for laborious pre-treatments and ensuring immediate use.
  • Practical Packaging: Conveniently packed in a fiber-free box, each box contains 100 carefully labelled slides; maximizing organization and ease of use.

Common Usage

These Cover Glass Slides have been specifically designed for use with microscopes and sample slides. Acting as a protective layer over the sample slide, these slides boost the clarity of the sample, guaranteeing an unprecedented microscopic examination experience.

Technical Specifications

The estimated weight of this 'Cover Glass Slide Box' is 0.1 kg with an estimated volume of 0.0001 m3. It is important to note that the microscope and sample slides needed for the operation are not included in the package.

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