Neubauer Counting Chamber: World-Class Precision in Cell Counting

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Experience precise cell analysis with the Neubauer Counting Chamber. This high-quality tool is made from resilient glass and is meticulously designed for accurate cell counting. Key features:

  • Improved Neubauer double grid design ensures precise results.
  • Comprises counting area of ~9mm3 and depth of 0.1mm, fitting for various diagnostic applications.
  • Arrives with 12 accompanying cover glasses and a secure plastic box for convenient transport and storage.
  • Weight: 0.065kg, Volume: 0.00001m3.
  • Sold individually packaged, guaranteeing optimal product quality.
  • Note: Usage requires a microscope (not included).
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Neubauer Counting Chamber: Unrivalled Accuracy for Cell Analysis

Optimize your laboratory's accuracy, efficiency, and reliability with the Neubauer Counting Chamber, the world-class tool renowned for precision in cell counting. This laboratory tool is utilized extensively by scientists and clinical researchers globally, advocating its credibility and trustworthiness in the field.

Unmatched Precision

Leveraging a double-grid design, the Neubauer Counting Chamber guarantees consistent accuracy across array of diagnostic activities. Its counting area stretches up to 9mm3, facilitating precise cell analysis. Moreover, the chamber depth of 0.1mm ensures a seamless viewing experience under a standard lab microscope.

Impressive Durability

Constructed utilizing high-end, durable glass, this chamber is designed to endure the wear and tear of a busy laboratory environment. Its hard-wearing nature enhances its longevity, making it the perfect tool for your ever-evolving lab needs.

What's Included?

Every Neubauer Counting Chamber purchase is accompanied by 12 corresponding cover glasses and robust plastic transport box, endorsing its commitment to quality and durability.

Application and Use

Primarily intended for cell counting, the Neubauer Counting Chamber is indispensable for any laboratory involved in fundamental diagnostic activities. With an estimated weight of 0.065kg and volume of 0.00001m3, the compact size of this instrument ensures it comfortably fits into any lab setting.

Upgrade Your Lab with the Neubauer Counting Chamber

Whether you are entering the field of clinical analysis or are a long-standing institution, the Neubauer Counting Chamber is a significant addition to your lab arsenal. Experience the notable difference in your lab's efficiency, accuracy, and reliability from day one.

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