SUNDI-225 Cooling Machine: Excellence in Precision and Unrivaled Safety

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The SUNDI-225 Cooling Machine is specifically engineered for high-demand industrial applications, ensuring superior temperature control within a range of -25u00b0C to 200u00b0C. Encased in an explosion-proof cabinet for exceptional safety, it integrates premium components like a Copeland compressor and Danfoss expansion valve for extended lifespan and enhanced performance. It is engineered with critical safety features such as freezer overload protection and temperature fault protection. The machine’s adaptability is boosted by intricate controls and optional features like a 7-inch color touch screen and an Ethernet interface.

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SUNDI-225 Cooling Machine: Ultimate Precision and Unsurpassed Safety

The SUNDI-225 Cooling Machine is a high-grade industrial cooling solution that offers unmatched temperature control, outstanding safety features, and robust performance even in the most demanding environments. With a wide temperature range from -25u00b0C to 200u00b0C, it's the first choice for various industrial applications.

  • Superior Temperature Control: The unit boasts a feed forward PID dynamic control calculation and trusted PLC controller. The user has the flexibility to pick between process temperature control and jacket oil temperature control depending on the application.
  • Optimal Communication: The machine's MODBUS RTU Protocol and RS 485 Interface facilitate flawless data exchange and smooth operation.
  • High-quality Components: Equipped with stellar elements such as a Copeland Compressor, Danfoss Expansion Valve, and a KAORI Plate heat exchanger. The high-performing R-404A refrigerant ensures maximum cooling.
  • Ample Power Capacity: Operating from 4kW up to 21kW (max), it caters to a broad spectrum of industrial requirements.
  • Safe and Robust: Enclosed within an explosion-proof cabinet and built with high-quality SUS 304, it prioritizes safety while ensuring durability.

The SUNDI-225 Cooling Machine takes customization a step further with a range of optional features. These can include a 7-inch color touch screen controller, temperature curve record, and data export in excel format to meet precise control and flexibility objectives.

Workplace safety is paramount with the SUNDI-225. The built-in self-diagnosis mechanism has additional protection measures such as high pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device, low liquid level protection, high temperature protection, and temperature fault protection.

The SUNDI-225 Cooling Machine takes advantage of a complete closed circulation system preventing oil mist and water vapor for conditions like high temperatures and low temperatures, respectively. Choose the SUNDI-225 for the finest balance of accuracy, safety, and industrial-level performance.

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