High-performance Cooling Machine for Rotary Evaporator - DLSB-30-40 Chiller

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DLSB-30-40 Cooling Machine for Rotary Evaporator

This high-performance, energy-efficient cooling machine is designed specifically for use with rotary evaporators. Key attributes include:

  • High cooling capacity: The DLSB-30-40 chiller delivers a powerful 3000W cooling capacity, ideal for demanding laboratory procedures.
  • Precise temperature control: With a temperature stability of ±0.5°C and a broad temperature range of -30°C to 40°C, it ensures accurate results across a wide range of applications.
  • Reliable and durable: Featuring a robust design with a high-quality compressor and multiple safety features, it offers reliability and longevity in demanding environments.
  • Wide applications: Suitable for use in laboratories, pharmaceutical production, chemical reactions, food preservation, and medical equipment cooling.
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Cooling Machine for Rotary Evaporator - DLSB-30-40 Chiller

Upgrade your laboratory operations with the Cooling Machine for Rotary Evaporator - DLSB-30-40 Chiller - a top-tier choice for professionals. This exceptional cooling machine has been designed by leading industry experts and boasts of impeccable features and outstanding performance.

Why Choose DLSB-30-40 Chiller?

  • Manufactured by a professional entity with over a decade-long experience
  • Exported and trusted by 99% of countries worldwide
  • One-stop service from conceptualization and design to delivery.

Prized Features of DLSB-30-40 Chiller

  • UL Standard dimension compliance offers unmatched functionality and safety
  • Incorporates top-notch QC and testing equipment, guaranteeing optimal quality
  • OEM/ODM services available, aligning the product with your specific requirements

Reliability and Support

Our overseas warehouse located in Buena Park, CA ensures swift service and state-of-the-art after-sales support. Moreover, our major production base in Shanghai, China, can maintain a monthly output of 200 sets to meet your bulk order needs. The product comes secured in a Standard Export Wooden Case for maximum security during the transportation phase.

Quality Assurance

Prove the exceptional quality with the SGS Gold Verification tag, each Chiller is designed to deliver optimum performance and unrivaled durability.

Visit our factory located in Henan Province and our office in Shanghai to learn more about our operations and products. The Cooling Machine for Rotary Evaporator - DLSB-30-40 Chiller is destined to be a productive addition to your workspace.

Get the best of cooling technology with the DLSB-30-40 Chiller. Order yours today!

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