Superior Cooling and Heating Machine - Precise Temperature Control for Bioreactors & More

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Cooling and Heating Machine – Precision Temperature Control

Our versatile Cooling and Heating Machine facilitates precise temperature control in the range of -50°C to 250°C. Engineered to cater diverse requirements in industrial applications and research fields, its specialization lies in effectively managing heat in glass, metal, and bioreactors. Choose from multiple models offering distinct features like single-point, multi-point, programmable and temperature ramping controls.

  • Controls temperature from -50°C to 250°C
  • Suitable for varied applications including glass, metal, and bioreactors
  • Offers range of models with unique control features
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    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Experience the cutting-edge technology of our Cooling and Heating Machine, intended for precise temperature regulation in various applications. With a versatile temperature range from -50°C to 250°C, this state-of-the-art machine is ideal for procedures demanding specific heat regulation. It suitable for use in glass reactors, metal reactors, and bioreactors, offering unmatched precision control for regulating heating or cooling during the reaction process.

Our Cooling and Heating Machine is available in a variety of models including the SUNDI-525W N, SUNDI-535WN, SUNDI-555W, SUNDI-555, SUNDI-575W, SUNDI-575, SUNDI-5A10W, and SUNDI-5A15W. With variations in temperature ranges, control modes, and power capabilities, our product range offers an ideal fit for all your experimental or industrial needs.

Quality and safety are among our top-most priorities. Manufactured at our world-class facility in Jiangsu, China, the Cooling and Heating Machine meets international quality and safety standards. This superior product guarantees both performance and safety without compromise.

  • Wide temperature range from -50°C to 250°C
  • Designed for glass reactors, metal reactors, and bioreactors
  • Offers precise cooling and heating control
  • Available in variety of models with variable temperature ranges, control modes, and power capabilities
  • Meets international quality and safety standards

For more in-depth insights, kindly refer to the comprehensive technical specifications provided in the product description. Unleash the potential of controlled temperature with our Cooling and Heating Machine - built with precision and longevity in mind.

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