Sharps Containers: Secure & Efficient Solution for Medical Waste Management

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Our ISO23907:2012 compliant Sharps Containers provide a safe, efficient means of disposing medical sharps such as needles and lancets. Essential for clinical settings, these containers facilitate secure containment, transport, and storage of used sharps.

  • Material: Constructed from leak and penetration-resistant materials for maximum safety
  • Design: Compact, free-standing, and easy to use
  • Lid: Integrated day-use aperture and pre-attached for convenience
  • Stability: Designed to prevent toppling over during operations
  • Fill Line Indicator: Clear marking system to prevent over-filling
  • Closure: Safe closure design to limit accidents and risks associated with sharps disposal
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Experience the epitome of excellence in medical waste management with our superior grade Sharps Containers. Conforming to rigorous global standards, these containers offer a secure and efficient solution for the encapsulation, transport, and storage of used medical sharps. Deploying our Sharps Containers equates to a safe work environment in hospitals, healthcare clinics, and other medical institutions.

Key Features:

  • Durably constructed with leakage-resistant and penetration-resistant materials, ensuring robust protection against hazards.
  • Space-effective design emphasizes a compact and free-standing form factor optimizing workspace utility.
  • Equipped with a premounted lid featuring an aperture for expedited, seamless disposal.
  • Features a versatile day lid that can be opened or closed - balancing ease of use with safety concerns.
  • Designed for portability and single-use application, critically minimizing the potential for cross-contamination.
  • Strict conformance to ISO23907:2012 standards guarantees global quality assurance.

Product Usage:

Our Sharps Containers are specifically engineered to sequester contaminated sharps securely at the point of origin. They are ideally suited for temporary storage, and handling, extending to transportation until the final treatment and disposal phase.

Technical Specifications:

  • Stability: Containers are stably designed to prevent toppling over during operation, enhancing safety and operational efficiency.
  • Resistance: Crafted to withstand physical damaging forces with resilience, exhibiting no leakages or breaches, thus underscoring high-grade quality and hardy make.
  • Fill-line Indicator: Helpful indicator highlights the maximum filling capacity to deter overfilling.
  • Aperture: Skillfully designed to reduce accidental injuries significantly.
  • Closure Feature: Can be securely closed mitigating risk of injuries or accidental spillage.
  • Color: Universal Neutral Yellow for wide-ranging application and visual coordination across diverse setups.

Please take notice that all our products and packaging are in rigorous compliance with ISO23907:2012 and ISO 9001 requirements, providing assurance of quality at every stage.

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