50 ml Sample Container - Box of 100 Units | High-Capacity, Versatile Lab Sample Storage

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Product: High-Capacity Lab Sample Storage u2013 50 ml Sample Container (Box of 100 Units). This indispensable tool for laboratories handling clinical specimens is made from non-toxic plastic and designed for longevity. Key Features:

  • 50 ml capacity perfectly suited to a range of sample collection and storage requirements.
  • Convenient box of 100 units catering to high-volume usage.
  • Product lifespan of 60 months from the manufacturing date, ensuring durability and cost efficiency.

Packaging: Each single box contains 100 individually labelled containers for easy identification. Weight and Volume: Each set weighs an estimated 1.7 kg and occupies an approximate volume of 0.0108 m3.

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Comprehensive Description of High-Capacity 50 ml Sample Container - Box of 100 Units

The 50 ml Sample Container - Box of 100 Units is a must-have item for any laboratory, designed to cater to a numerous range of lab specimen requirements. Beyond just functionality and capacity, this box of sample containers brings with it high quality, durability, and optimum versatility.

Product Features

  • Made from non-toxic, transparent plastic, safe for use and offers clear visibility for content inspection
  • Each container has a high-volume 50 ml capacity
  • Containers are non-sterile, single-use, and disposable, minimizing risk of cross-contamination.
  • Features a reliable screw-cap design to ensure the safekeeping of samples and prevent spills.
  • A box containing 100 units is assured to meet your laboratory's demanding routine.

Versatility and Use

The 50 ml sample containers have a broad range of applications, from simple clinical labs to advanced research institutions. The generous volume of these containers makes it an essential tool for any laboratory prioritizing safety and efficiency in handling specimens.

Durability and Eco-friendly Disposal

The 50ml Sample Containers have an impressive 5-year shelf life from manufacture, and are designed to follow eco-responsible waste disposal practices as directed by the manufacturer.

Packaging Details

Each box contains 100 units of 50ml Sample Containers. The box is lightweighted with an estimated weight of 1.7 kg, and a volume of 0.0108 m3, allowing comfortable handling and easy storage.

The 50 ml Sample Container - Box of 100 Units is the optimal lab solution for reliable, high-volume storage of samples. With its top-notch capabilities, it undoubtedly stands out as an exceptional choice.

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