Consumables Pack/200 for Water Quality Assessment Kits: Enhance Precision & Efficiency in Water Testing

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Enhance the precision of microbiological testing with the Consumables Pack/200 for Water Quality Assessment Kits. Suited for membrane filtration technique, this kit is optimal for portable field water testing labs, promising both accuracy and efficiency in testing. The key components:

  • Certified 45um pore size Membrane Filters for precise colony count.
  • Sterile and absorbent Cellulose Pads engineered for effective media absorption.
  • Dehydrated and sterile Membrane Lauryl Sulphate Broth Media for accurate Coliform calculation with a minimum shelf life of 24 months.

This kit is compatible with basic water quality assessment kit and portable bacteriological field test kits 1 & 2. It weighs 0.5kg with a volume of 3.3 CDM.

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Empower Precision Water Quality Testing with Consumables Pack/200

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your water quality inspection techniques with our expertly designed Consumables Pack/200 for Water Quality Assessment Kits. This meticulously organized pack supports a robust testing regime for diverse environments and is specially compiled for microbiological sample testing through the proven method of membrane filtration.

Elevate Water Testing Methodology

  • Enhanced compatibility - seamlessly integrates with basic water quality assessment kit, portable bacteriological field test kit 1 and 2.
  • Extra value - excellent add-on for on-site and offshore testing operations, minimizing the need for additional resources.

Comprehensive Solution for Water Testing Needs

  • All inclusive - includes sterile membrane filters, sterile cellulose pads, and dehydrated sterile Membrane Lauryl Sulphate Broth media.
  • Sterile and safe - each component is sterile and individually wrapped, ensuring optimum safety and convenient usage.
  • Value for money - each pack provides enough supply for conducting 200 tests, reducing the need for frequent restocking, and thereby ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

Meticulous Testing Techniques for Reliable Results

  • Flexible technology - each item is designed to support the membrane filtration method, a proven and widely used testing technique.
  • Precision enabled - the incorporation of a grid pattern on membrane filters allows for accurate colony quantification and hence dependable water quality results.

Designed Keeping You in Mind

  • User-friendly - easy to use with portable field laboratory test kits and related incubators.
  • Optimum coverage - the Consumables Pack/200 has been designed to serve the needs of extensive testing demands, creating a cycle of seamless operations.

For larger scale testing environments, consider the Consumables Pack/1000 that doubles up the testing ability while maintaining the same efficiency of results.

Choose the Consumables Pack/200 for your water testing needs and ensure that every single analysis yields accurate and reliable results. The comprehensive and high-quality pack adds value and robustness to your water quality testing toolbox.

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