Comprehensive Water Quality & Bacteriological Testing with Consumables Pack/1000

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The ‘Consumables Pack/1000: Ultimate Water Quality & Bacteriological Field Testing Solution’ offers a comprehensive kit for conducting 1000 tests using the membrane filtration method. Overview of its key features:

  • Certified, Sterilized Membrane Filters: Delivers accurate, dependable test outcomes.
  • Reliable Cellulose Pads: Enhances filtration dependability.
  • Essential Sterile Membrane Lauryl Sulphate Broth Media (Dehydrated): Enables reliable coliform counting.

With a long shelf life and uncomplicated storage, this pack is perfect for diverse fields including environmental science, research labs, and water treatment facilities.

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Consumables Pack/1000: Ultimate Water Quality & Bacteriological Field Testing Solution

Meet the Consumables Pack/1000 - your go-to solution for comprehensive water quality assessment and precise bacteriological field testing. Specifically designed to run 1000 microbiological tests with the tried-and-tested membrane filtration method, this kit is the perfect ally for portable field water testing laboratories worldwide.

What Makes The Consumables Pack/1000 Stand Out?

  • Precision-Focused Membrane Filters: Our sterile, grid-patterned membrane filters come individually packed with a certified 45μm pore size and 47mm diameter to ensure precise and accurate colony counting.
  • Superior Absorbent Pads: The sterile, densely packed absorbent cellulose pads in this kit have a diameter of 47mm and thickness of 0.9mm, ideal for various applications.
  • High-Quality Media: The Consumables Pack includes sterilized dehydrated membrane lauryl sulphate broth, meticulously engineered for accurate enumeration of coliforms.
  • Exceptional Shelf Life: Guaranteed minimum shelf life of 24 months reiterates our promise of high quality, longevity, and consistent performance.
  • Usage Efficiency: The consumables in our pack make working with portable field laboratory test kits easy and efficient across multiple microbiological applications.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Weighing a mere 2.5kg and with a volume of just 18 CDM, our pack is the perfect solution for on-site field tests.

The Consumables Pack/1000 is your assurance of quality, efficiency, and high performance. Unleash the full potential of your water testing procedures with our all-in-one pack.

For smaller-scale operations, consider our Consumables Pack/200, which is a perfect match for S5006116. Enjoy unparalleled accessibility to quality, reliability, and usability.

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