Premium Non-Sterile Gauze Compress 10x10 cm: 100% Cotton, 12-Ply Thickness

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Premium Non-Sterile Gauze Compress 10×10 cm: 100% Cotton, 12-Ply Thickness

  • Composition: Manufactured using 100% highly absorbent cotton
  • Dimensions: Perfect squares measuring 10cm each side
  • Thickness: Developed with 12-ply thickness enhancing absorbency and endurance
  • Usage: Single-use item, efficient for wound care and antisepsis
  • Unique Feature: Cannot be traced by X-ray, facilitating easy check-ups
  • Storage Tips: Keep in dry environments to ensure durability and sterilize before usage in surgical procedures
  • Disposal: Recommended incineration after usage

Exceptionally versatile, suitable for use in general wound dressing, and vital inclusion in first aid, midwifery, and surgical kits. Product ID: Compress,gauze,10x10cm,n/ster/PAC-100.

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The Premium Non-Sterile Gauze Compress 10x10 cm: 100% Cotton, 12-Ply Thickness leads the pack in surgical and wound dressing materials. Built for maximum comfort, versatility, and absorption, it is an essential item for medical kits worldwide.

  • 100% Cotton: Luxuriously soft and natural, providing ultimate patient comfort.
  • 12-Ply Thickness: Magnifies absorbency, optimally soaking up fluid to help prevent infection.
  • Non-Sterile: Ideal for wound dressing and skin disinfection, promoting fast and efficient wound healing.
  • Single-use: Ensures highest hygiene standards, eliminating risks of cross-contamination.
  • Safe Usage: The product is non-detectable by X-ray, promising risk-free application.

In packs of 100, this non-sterile gauze compress offers unmatched quality and value, making brisk inventory management a breeze. Moreover, its disposable nature via environmentally-friendly incineration promises clean and secure disposal.

Keep this gauze compress in dry conditions for best results. It is a key component of various kits such as the First Aid Kit A, Midwifery Kit, IEHK2006 Basic Unit, and Obstetric Surgical Kit, reinforcing its versatility and utility in the medical field.

The Premium Non-Sterile Gauze Compress outperforms in wound care and patient comfort. Experience reliability and efficiency in wound care like never before.

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