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Short description

Non-Sterile Compress Gauze 10x10cm – Box of 100 is a highly versatile, 12-ply gauze ideal for various non-medical uses across numerous environments. Key features include:

  • Single-Use Packaging: Each gauze is individually packed for one-time use convenience.
  • Non-Sterile: Perfectly suited for non-critical tasks and usages.
  • Size: Generous 10x10cm size offers adequate coverage for diverse needs.
  • Quantity: Each box contains 100 gauzes, perfect for bulk applications.

These gauzes are useful in laboratories for cleaning wounds, applying medications, or as a protective barrier. They have a long shelf life of 120 months post-manufacturing.

Quantity :

Non-Sterile Compress Gauze 10x10cm – Box of 100

The Non-Sterile Compress Gauze in a pack of 100 is your dependable partner for various non-invasive medical procedures and laboratory applications. Each gauze measures 10x10 cm, is 12-ply, and high-quality, offering optimum coverage and durability.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: Each piece of gauze measures 10x10cm, providing ample surface for diverse usage.
  • 12-Ply Thickness: This feature contributes to the longevity and robustness of the gauze, making it hold up under rigorous use.
  • Non-Sterility: As a non-sterile product, it is ideal for non-invasive applications and general use, but should not be used for wound dressing or invasive procedures.
  • Preservation: Boasting a long shelf life of 120 months, these gauzes are perfect for bulk purchasing or for facilities that use them infrequently. To maintain their condition, store in a dry, dust-free zone.
  • Packaging: Each gauze is individually wrapped for easy access and preservation, the unveiling label indicates - 'Compress, gauze, 10x10 cm, non-sterile, box/100'.

Intended Use

The versatile nature of these gauzes makes them an ideal choice across different laboratory services, ranging from basic labs to reference centers. Remember, the non-sterile attribute restricts them from being used in invasive procedures or for dressing wounds.

Packaging and Labelling

Every gauze piece is individually packed ensuring the protection of unused gauzes. Inside packaging specifies 1 (one) Compress, gauze, 10x10 cm, non-sterile, box/100.

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