Chalkboard Compass | A High-Precision Essential Classroom Teaching Tool

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Chalkboard Compass – High-Precision Classroom Essential Teaching Tool: Crafted from resilient white plastic, this lightweight teaching tool, measuring 40cm in length, is designed for lasting durability and easy usage. Notable features include:

  • Material: Built to last with hard white plastic.
  • Size: Optimal 40cm length for sizable circle drawings.
  • Chalk Holder: Accommodates both round and square chalks.
  • Stability: Metal butterfly screw enhances secure adjustments along with interchangeable suction foot ensuring steadfast operations.
  • Weight: At a mere 0.227kg, it ensures comfort and ease of use.
  • Packaging: Individually packaged to guarantee safe transport.

Upgrade your educational tools with our highly-accurate Chalkboard Compass and escalate the learning experience.

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Chalkboard Compass - A High-Precision Essential Classroom Teaching Tool

The search for a resilient, precision-oriented classroom utility ends with our high-precision Chalkboard Compass. This indispensable apparatus, expressly designed for academic environments, is outstandingly tailored to amplify teaching experiences. This product is engineered to guarantee durability, offering an impressive lifespan and promoting a seamless learning enclave.

  • Durable Construction: Our Compass is constructed from solid white plastic, a testament to its ability to withstand the relentless vigor of a high-intensity teaching and learning environments without losing its functionality.
  • Appropriate Length: With its 40cm length, this apparatus ensures the creation of sufficiently large, clear circles on chalkboards, easily visible throughout the classroom.
  • User-Friendly Adjustment: This compass is meticulously crafted with a robust metal butterfly screw that facilitates secure, effortless adjustments, adding to its user-friendly attributes.
  • Universally Adaptable: It comes with a holder versatile enough to accommodate both round and square chalk, a feature that enhances its universal adaptability.
  • Interchangeable Foot: The compass is equipped with an optional suction foot and soft plastic point interchangeable foot that offer diverse teaching possibilities.


This Chalkboard Compass weights an approximate 0.227kg, with a volume of near 0.82cdm, ensuring its perfect balance between usability and efficiency.


Each compass comes in its individual plastic bag or shrink-wrapped package to guarantee it arrives in flawless condition, set for immediate use.

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The 'Chalkboard Compass' takes pride in being included in our 'School-in-a-carton' and 'School-in-a-box' kits, each curated to cater to the scholastic necessities of 40 pupils, thereby reaffirming its place in our mission to furnish accessible education to all.

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