12 Assorted Coloured Pencils in a High-Quality Metal Case - Perfect for Artists, Students, and Professionals

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12 Assorted Coloured Pencils in a High-Quality Metal Case

Unleash your creativity with our top-of-the-line Coloured Pencil Set. Equally suitable for artists, students, and professionals, this versatile set offers:

  • 12 assorted vibrant colours for a variety of artistic applications.
  • Durable wooden body ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Comfortable hexagonal grip for precise control.
  • Smooth 3mm leads for effortless colouring and drawing.
  • Conveniently pre-sharpened, allowing immediate use.
  • Protective metal case maintaining your pencils’ condition during transport or storage.

Creates distinctly vivid drawings and sketches. Perfect complement to any Early Childhood Development kit. Each pencil weighs 116g and measures 0.210cdm.

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Unleash Your Creativity with 12 Assorted Coloured Pencils in a Luxurious Metal Case

Bring your artistic visions to life with our 12 Assorted Coloured Pencils, encased in a premium-quality metal case. Assembled with the finest wooden materials and elegantly designed in a comfortable hexagonal shape, these pencils provide a superior grip and unmatched convenience for all artists.

Discover the joy of smooth, vibrant coloring with 3mm soft leads. An exotic spectrum of 12 colors lets your creativity shine and makes these pencils an essential tool for schools, professional artists, and hobbyists.

Each set is housed in a sturdy metal case that protects your tools of creativity. The pencils come sharpened and primed for action, so you can get down to creating masterpieces as soon as inspiration strikes. With the sturdy case, storing and transporting your pencils becomes a breeze.

Key Features:

  • High-quality wooden shell for extended durability.
  • Comfortable 3mm leads for smooth, vibrant coloring.
  • User-friendly hexagonal form promises an ideal grip.
  • An assorted set of 12 vivid colors allows for boundless creativity.
  • Pre-sharpened pencils for immediate use.
  • Packaged in a tough, lightweight metal case for effortless portability and storage.

Suggested Companion:

  • Ametric Pencil Sharpener to ensure your colors are always ready to flow.

Our color pencils set weighs about 116g and has an estimated volume of 0.210cdm. Its compact form and portable design make it excellent for traveling. It enhances your early childhood development programs and is a notable addition to any 2016 ECD kits or ECD kit-in-a-carton.


Perfect for drawing, coloring, and sketching. User-friendly for both passionate novices and seasoned professionals. Recommended for children, students, and art pros.

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