Cold Pack, 0.3L Set of 6 | High-Performance Laboratory Cooling Solution

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Offering superior laboratory cooling operations, the Cold Pack, 0.3L, Set of 6 delivers efficiency and reliability. Developed in accordance with WHO minimal performance specs E5/12, they’re designed for the cold storage and transportation of blood bags.

  • Usage: Serves multiple lab functionalities, applicable in primary to reference labs.
  • Warranty: Comes with a two-year replacement offering against design, materials, or manufacturing defects.
  • Weight & Volume: Light and compact, each pack weighs 0.06 kg (packaging inclusive) and has an approximate volume of 0.009 m3 (packaging inclusive).
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Cold Pack, 0.3L, Set of 6: High-Performance Laboratory Cooling Solution

Our Cold Pack, 0.3L, Set of 6, is a superior laboratory cooling solution designed to meet the exacting performance specifications of E5/12 by the World Health Organization. Primarily used for the safe storage and transport of blood bags along with a transport box, it provides a reliable and efficient cooling mechanism.

This 0.3L cold pack caters to the diverse cooling requirements of laboratories, from basic setups to technologically advanced research centers. Their pivotal role in intricate lab procedures needing temperature stability assures accuracy and success.

  • Premium construction for temperature-specific solutions.
  • User-friendly, suitable for all lab environments.
  • Offered in a set of 6 for comprehensive cooling needs.
  • Two-year replacement warranty for peace of mind.
  • Lightweight design, with each pack weighing approximately 0.06 kg including packaging.
  • Unit volume of approximately 0.009 m3, offering effective space utilization.

Our Cold Pack, 0.3L, Set of 6, is the quintessential solution for all laboratory cooling needs. With their unmatched performance and robust design, they form the backbone of any essential lab service.

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