Nilkamal RCB 324SS Cold Box: Unmatched Vaccine Storage Solution

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The Nilkamal RCB 324SS Cold Box is a top-tier, compact vaccine transportation solution optimized for immunization drives in hard-to-reach areas. This cold box, designed with robustness in mind, boasts a 15-litre storage capacity. It maintains a remarkable cold life of 53 hours, and 36 minutes at temperatures of 43°C without openings, thereby ensuring vaccine safety during transit. Upon purchase, the Unit comes with 32 dedicated 0.4L ice packs. When fully loaded, the packing weight stands at an optimal 33.85 kg.

  • External Dimensions: 65cm x 65cm x 37cm
  • Internal Dimensions: 48cm x 48cm x 20cm
  • Shipping Weight: Approx. 16 kg
  • Shipping Volume: 0.016 cbm
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Nilkamal RCB 324SS: The Perfect Vaccine Storage Solution for Efficient and Safe Vaccine Transportation

The Nilkamal RCB 324SS Cold Box brings exceptional reliability and efficiency to vaccine transportation, ensuring that vaccines are kept in safe and optimally cool conditions during transit. This robust cold box is a groundbreaking solution to the challenges faced in transporting vaccines in unforgiving and demanding environments.

Impeccable Capacity and Superior Protection

With its vaccine storage capacity of 15 liters, the Nilkamal RCB 324SS is compact yet spacious enough to securely store a significant volume of vaccines. It ensures the vaccines' integrity, safety, and effectiveness are preserved throughout the transportation process, even in challenging conditions.

Extended Cold Life and Temperature Control Performance

The RCB 324SS sets the bar high with a remarkable cold life of 53 hours and 36 minutes at a temperature of 43°C. This feature enhances its performance, allowing for extended vaccine storage even in warmer environments, leaving your vaccines in good care for an extended period.

Design and Durability

The cold box sports a practical and sturdy design with a hinged lid and carrying handles. It boasts optimal internal dimensions of 48 x 48 x 20 cm, providing a large storage area within a compact overall size. It also comes with a two-year replacement warranty, safeguarding your investment against any manufacturing defects.

Stellar Performance with User Convenience

The RCB 324SS enhances operational efficiency with its set of 32 standard 0.4L icepacks, ensuring a long-lasting cold life. This feature makes the cold box an ideal solution for carrying out immunization efforts without compromising on vaccine safety and efficacy.

Product Packaging

Each unit of the RCB 324SS is thoughtfully packaged in a durable double-wall carton, reinforcing its durability and protection during transit. The shipping weight stands at an estimated 16 kg with a volume of 0.016 cbm, allowing for efficient loading with up to 80 units in a palletized container configuration or 153 units in non-palletized.

Care & Usage

Ensure to review the storage instructions included for optimal use. The Nilkamal RCB 324SS Cold Box is the go-to solution for your vaccine transportation needs, promising efficiency, safety, and reliability.

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