AICB-243S Cold Box: Superior Choice for Vaccine Storage & Transportation

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AICB-243S Cold Box: A Vaccine Storage & Transportation Powerhouse

  • Short Range Transport: With its 8-litre capacity incorporating 15 standard 0.3L icepacks, transporting vaccines gets easier and more efficient.
  • Prolonged Cold Storage: Capable of sustaining 43u00b0C for an impressive 84 hours, ensuring secure vaccine storage.
  • User-optimized Design: Hinged lid with robust carry handles provide ease in handling and portability.
  • Resilient Build: Comes with a reassuring 2-year warranty, certifying quality and durability.
  • Protected Packaging: Carefully encased in a sturdy double-wall carton for added security during transit.
  • Dimensions Tailored for Efficiency: External: 54.4 x 44.5 x 42 cm, Internal: 34.6 x 28 x 24 cm.
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Introducing the AICB-243S Cold Box: the ultimate vaccine storage and transportation solution. This high-performance cold box is specifically engineered to maintain optimal environmental conditions, ensuring vaccine efficacy and safety. Its premium design, superior functionality, and high durability make it a standout choice for large-scale immunization programs.

The AICB-243S Cold Box has an impressive preservation capacity, maintaining a safe and steady temperature of 43°C for an unparalleled 84 hours and 7 minutes. This feature ensures the utmost safety and efficacy of stored vaccines, even in demanding conditions. This unmatched temperature stability provides peace of mind, knowing that each vaccine dose is entirely safe for administration.

  • Boasts an 8-litre storage capacity, capable of housing a significant volume of vaccines, making it ideal for large vaccination campaigns
  • Compact, robust design ensures easy transport and deployment
  • Extremely durable, with robust external dimensions of 54.4cm x 44.5cm x 42cm, a sturdy hinged lid, and strong carrying handles
  • Efficient interior arrangement with 15 x 0.3L standard icepacks provide enhanced safety and preservation
  • Capable of shipping up to 520 units per non-palletized 40' container, enhancing cost-effectiveness in large-scale vaccination efforts
  • Packed in a double-wall carton for secure transportation

To provide users with added assurance, each AICB-243S Cold Box comes with a 2-year warranty, accounting for any defects in design or materials. With a manageable weight of 23kg and a volume of 0.101 cubic meters, the AICB-243S Cold Box combines efficiency with ease of use in a practical, user-friendly design.

Trust the AICB-243S Cold Box for reliable, high-performance results in your vaccination programs. This innovative device guarantees seamless vaccine transportation and unchanging, optimal temperature maintenance, ensuring each vaccine’s journey from storage to administration is uncompromised.

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