CODAN EnvoyX2 Mobile Radio Kit: The Unbeatable Communication Solution

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Experience seamless and efficient communication with the CODAN EnvoyX2 Mobile Radio Only Kit. This all-inclusive mobile communication solution has key components like:

  • 2210 Envoy X2 RF Unit – ensuring stable signal transmission,
  • 2220 Envoy Full Keyboard Handset – facilitating simple data entry,
  • Handset Cradle, 2220 – providing secure handset storage and charging,
  • Control Envoy Cable, 6m – guaranteeing reliable component connection,
  • Option FED-STD-1045 ALE, 2210 – offering sophisticated communication techniques,
  • Option GPS Enable, 2210 – enabling accurate positioning and tracking.

This kit also contains a Getting Started Guide and Quick Reference Card for hassle-free operation. It ensures robust communication across varied scenarios, even under tough conditions.

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CODAN EnvoyX2 Mobile Radio Only Kit: Answering All Your Mobile Communication Needs

For professionals functioning in field operations, an interruption in communication can lead to disastrous consequences. In situations where reliability is of the essence, the CODAN EnvoyX2 Mobile Radio Only Kit provides the perfect solution. With this advanced device, enjoy seamless and robust communication, even under challenging reception conditions. Engineered to offer stellar performance, this kit surpasses your communication needs, providing an unparalleled user experience.

Distinguished Features of CODAN EnvoyX2 Mobile Radio Only Kit

Equipped with state-of-the-art components, the CODAN EnvoyX2 Mobile Radio Only Kit ensures optimal connectivity at all times. The inclusion of:

  • 08-07218-002 RF Unit, 2210 Envoy X2: This integral part of the kit bestows potent transmission and reception abilities, ensuring your communication is smooth and error-free.
  • 08-07000-001 Handset, 2220 Envoy Full Keyboard: The handset comes with a full keyboard for straightforward data input and navigation with the promise of ultra-clear audio quality.
  • 15-00149 Handset Cradle, 2220: The robust handset cradle provides impeccable device safety and stability during your travels.
  • 08-06022-001 Cable, Control Envoy, 6m: This cable guarantees effective connectivity, helping you maintain reliable communication.
  • 15-10560 Option FED-STD-1045 ALE, 2210: With this ALE feature, compliant with FED-STD-1045, enhance the functionality and versatility of your device.
  • 15-10561 Option GPS Enable, 2210: Keep track of your precise location at any moment with the GPS Enable option.
  • Manuals: Instructions are easy to follow with the 'Getting Started Guide' and 'Quick Reference Card', ensuring a frictionless experience with your Envoy X1 and X2.

The CODAN EnvoyX2 Mobile Radio Only Kit truly stands out, perfect for individuals in need of a fail-safe communication system. With its user-centric features, this kit not only meets but widely exceeds all communicative expectations, guaranteeing an extraordinary experience.

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